HGH Injections in Sacramento California

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Published on March 12th, 2019

HGH Injections in Sacramento California
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Good health is the result of a variety of factors which contribute to peak vitality. Ideally, the human body operates like clockwork, and Hormone Balance is one of the key aspects of maintaining optimal wellness. Do you ever think about why we age?

While wear and tear is one aspect of physiological decline, Hormone Imbalance plays a considerable role in age-related health issues. Many of the critical Hormones which support our ongoing good health become more scarce due to no fault of our own.

While poor health choices can suppress crucial Hormones like HGH and Testosterone, medical research has shown that age-associated Hormone Decline is baked into our DNA. At approximately age thirty, the Hormones which sustain us become less plentiful, leading to symptoms that we associate with aging, like weight gain, lack of energy, sexual dysfunction, and more.

Our Sacramento California Hormone Clinic offers a wide array of HRT Products designed to overcome the effects of HGH Deficiency, Low-T, and more, so that you can age more gracefully.

Our Sacramento Hormone Specialists are clinically trained in advanced Hormone Therapy Protocol so that our patients can experience next-level Hormone Restoration.

If you've been searching for a qualified provider of revolutionary Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments, our Sacramento HRT Doctors are here to help!

Sacramento Prescription Growth Hormone Therapy

While Therapeutic HGH Treatments have increased in popularity since the turn of the century, most people aren't aware of the benefits associated with Growth Hormone Restoration. HGH is a potent molecule that is responsible for facilitating optimized cellular metabolism.

The older that men and women get, the more likely they are to experience problems associated with impaired Growth Hormone Production. When Age-Related HGH Deficiency Symptoms become apparent, this condition is known as Somatopause.

Symptoms associated with Somatopause are broad and widespread, all of which have to do with the body's diminished ability to keep up with metabolic demands. This not only means unfortunate changes in body composition, but it also increases the incidence of depression, slows healing, makes you more likely to get sick, makes it harder to focus, and more.

While sedentary lifestyle and poor diet can increase the risk of HGH Deficiency or cause symptoms of Somatopause to occur earlier, given a long enough life, all of us will reach a point where Hypopituitarism symptoms would become problematic.

Sacramento Sermorelin and HGH Treatments

For patients with Adult-Onset Growth Hormone Deficiency, our Sacramento HGH Doctors offer two highly effective HRT Products—Recombinant Sermorelin Acetate and Bio-Identical Growth Hormone.

While both of these Prescription Hormone Treatments provide excellent results for patients dealing with the significant issues related to Somatopause, they work via different mechanisms. HGH Therapy works by replacing the body's endogenous production of Growth Hormone.

Sermorelin works via a completely different mechanism. Sermorelin actually encourages your pituitary to amplify the production of natural HGH while also keeping those elevated Growth Hormone Levels in the normal and ideal range.

Sermorelin is the medical analog of a critical HGH Precursor known as GH-RH or Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone.

For most patients, both Growth Hormone and Sermorelin provide very similar results. Both are delivered via subcutaneous injection, and both are usually administered five days per week. The most significant advantage for most patients concerning Sermorelin is the price.

Sermorelin is very cost effective—patients can expect to pay around 50% for Sermorelin as opposed to prescription HGH. It's also available for borderline HGH Deficient patients that don't quite qualify for Human Growth Hormone.

It's a bit more complicated than that, but those are the essential points if you'd like to learn more about how Sermorelin and HGH Shots Compare, our experienced Sacramento Hormone Doctors are available for a no-cost consultation.

Testing for HGH Deficiency and More In Sacramento

If you feel that Somatopause and Hypopituitarism have been hurting your ongoing wellness, the only way to find out for sure is with a blood test! Human Growth Hormone is released sporadically by the pituitary, mostly during sleep and during physical activity, making it hard to measure directly.

The most effective way to infer underlying HGH Levels is by measuring IGF-1 Levels. When Human Growth Hormone is produced by the pituitary, it circulates through the bloodstream acting on different target cells, but most HGH is quickly processed by the liver, where it is converted into various Growth Factors, including Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1.

IGF-1 Levels remain reasonably constant in the bloodstream, offering continuous benefits. It is by measuring circulating IGF-1 Levels that we can determine your potential need for HGH Therapy.

So that we may most effectively provide our HRT Services to the Sacramento Metropolitan Area, we work with regional partners LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics to guarantee fast and accurate blood testing.

To serve you to our fullest capacity and offer you an advanced diagnosis, your blood sample will be vigorously analyzed utilizing a blood testing protocol known as a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel.

This test measures a litany of different factors associated with your wellness, your Hormone Balance, and whether you are an appropriate candidate for treatment. For men, the test also involves testing Free and Total Testosterone Levels for signs of Low-T, along with PSA-Testing for Prostate Cancer Screening.

Along with this bloodwork, we will also need the medical results of a physical that you've received in the past six months. If you've not met with a local doctor for a physical, we can make arrangements with a Sacramento County Physician to fulfill that vital requirement!

Sacramento HRT Diagnosis and Treatment

Once the blood test results reach our Sacramento Hormone Clinic, our HRT Specialists will vigorously interpret the results and develop an action plan regarding your Hormone Status. Of course, your input is critical in this process.

Once they've concluded your diagnosis, they will reach out to you to discuss the results and provide a range of quality Hormone Therapy Options designed to restore Hormone Balance and boost your vitality.

Once you've made the selection which appeals to your personal needs and desires most effectively, we will arrange to have the products shipped to your home!


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