How to Buy HCG Injections

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Published on November 18th, 2017
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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG has been found to be an effective weight loss compound, especially when combined with a specialized diet plan. Commonly used to help individuals lose weight, HCG is found naturally among pregnant women. It was found that malnourished mothers still gave birth to healthy babies because the presence of HCG helps the body utilize stored fats as a major source of energy -- in essence, helping the body compensate for the lack of nutrients in the expecting mother's diet by tapping the energy stored in body fat.

Following the same approach and system, HCG injections can help men and women lose weight faster. HCG helps a person to lose weight without burning muscle mass by encouraging the body to target only stored fats in the body and convert them into energy that can be used for all of the basic functions of the human body.

With the aid of a very low caloric diet, one can easily lose weight without worrying about excessive loss of nutrients and minerals. In fact, when fats are burned and converted into energy, nutrients and minerals are returned to the body for its utilization. The basic functions of the body are supported by the nutrients and minerals without the need of eating more food.

Getting HCG is Easy, but it Requires a Prescription!

You need to understand how to buy HCG injections if you want to enjoy the benefits of the program. how-to-buy-hcg-injections-sq-300x300Of course, you can't buy HCG injections from the nearest drugstore or pharmacy in your area. To buy HCG injections you have to have a prescription from a doctor. At American HGH Clinics we connect you with specializing doctors to screen you for this medication. These doctors will provide all the necessary blood work to ensure that you can use the treatment safely, and will provide you with an in-depth protocol to help you get the most of your treatment, and give you advice regarding how to keep the weight off once you've lost it!

HCG Available Off-Label

HCG can be prescribed off-label, but it does require a legitimate prescription from a qualified and board-certified medical physician. If you qualify for HCG therapy or any other form of hormone replacement therapy, we have special agreements with pharmacies that allow us to provide you with high quality hormone replacement treatments for the best prices available on the market.

Many people worry that administering the HCG injections may be painful. However, the syringe used to inject HCG is very small and the pain is very minimal, similar to a mosquito bite and some people say they don't feel any pain at all.

Other Uses of HCG

HCG is not only effective as a part of a quality weight loss treatment, it can also be used as a fertility treatment for both men and women. For men that are interested in sustaining their fertility while taking Testosterone, HCG can also be combined with Testosterone therapy in order to support fertility and promote sperm production. To get started with your own co-created HGH, Testosterone, Sermorelin or HCG therapy program, please fill out the contact form on the right hand side of our site and then give us a call at 1-800-688-9673.

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