American HGH Clinics Terms of Use

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Published on February 23rd, 2019
American HGH Clinics Terms of Use
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By visiting the website of American HGH Clinics, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the company. To fully understand the benefits and usage of the website, we provide you the Terms of Use. The Terms of Service can be revised by the company, at any time, without consulting you. Any review of the modifications made to this Terms of Use is your sole responsibility.

Medical Service is Not Provided: American HGH Clinics, including its images, texts, graphics, and other information contained therein, is solely intended for informational purposes. The FDA does not review the contents of this website; therefore, it does not replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. The advice of a professional physician must be sought before taking any beginning any diet, exercise, or medical treatment. If you intend to self manage your health care, the American HGH Clinics does not take responsibility. Any information you have obtained from this website comes from various sources. It is not exhaustive and does not cover all areas of the medical treatment. American HGH Clinics – and the entire team involved in the provision of the website – does not directly or indirectly practice medicine in any way, nor do they have the ability to provide approved medical services. This websites content includes the reproductive systems of the male and female bodies, which you may find offensive or sexually explicit. Sensitive contents are not suitable for children. You are responsible to comply with your own state laws.

Use of Content: All contents of the website are subject to the copyright rule. You can view or download any part of the website, but is limited to personal and non-commercial use only. You are in agreement with this Terms of Service that you will not use the website contents, in a way, to infringe copyright. Violations of the copyright include using the website contents to another website, modifying the website content, or distributing website contents to other parties. The United States law and other foreign laws protect the copyright of the website contents. Right and title to the website contents remain with American HGH Clinics. Usage of the website, not provided in this Terms of Service, violations trademark, copyright, and licensing laws. Human Hormone Growth reserves other rights not provided in this Terms of Service. Special rules and laws are applied to certain software and products that are embedded in this website.

Liability of American HGH Clinics: If you find the website contents offensive, or you are dissatisfied with the website, it is your own discretion to discontinue using the website. American HGH Clinics does not take liability in your viewing of the website. The website maintains “as is” basis; and the risk of using relies on your discretion. In the same manner,  American HGH Clinics does not take responsibility of the delay, interruption, and failure of the website delivery of data. It depends on third party suppliers and providers. American HGH Clinics, and its partners, does not claim the following:

  1. That services, contents, images, and graphics of the website are error-free, accurate, reliable, and timely;
  2. That downloadable files are free from virus and worm infection;
  3. That usage of services and contents secure results;
  4. That products and services may meet your own expectations;
  5. That errors and service problem can be corrected at the fastest possible time.

Moreover, American HGH Clinics is free from liability of injury, accidents, and death, caused by the misuse of the site contents, products, and services. In the same manner, Human Growth Hormone is not liable to damages (in forms of injuries and death caused by data interruption or business delay) due to the improper use of the website, even if it is provided by the warranty, contract, or any legal theory. Claims must be filed within the year from the date of the event or occurrence. Remedies of claims states in this Terms of Use are not exclusive. American HGH Clinics may seek other remedies.

Third Parties: American HGH Clinics presents other websites or third parties to the website. However, any purchase does not claim warranty of results and efficacy of products and services. Other than the contents of this webpage, American HGH Clinics does not represent or promote other products and services. Visiting other websites, shown in this website is not covered by the Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy of the company. Usage of third parties is at your own risk.

Submissions and Community: Information your shared with “Join Our Community” is subject to the Privacy Policy. Email information or in other forms of communication is bound for public disclosure and is not confidential. Any submission means whole agreement to the Privacy Policy, and granting rights to American HGH Clinics to maintain perpetual, world-wide, nonexclusive right to use, perform, distribute, translate, and display the communication in the website or in any form of medium.

Indemnify: You are in agreement to defend and hold American HGH Clinics, including its officers, employees, suppliers, directors, and licensees, not liable from any damage or any claim, demand, and action, and settlement. Such agreement includes non-liability to legal and accounting fees, arising from violation of this Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy.

General: American HGH Clinics is based in Florida. Any download and use of the contents outside the United States may not be appropriate. In the same manner, usage of the website can be limited to other countries or range of individuals. If you visit the website outside the United States, you are subject to your jurisdiction laws without liability to the company. These provisions last beyond the expiration or termination of these Terms of Use for any reason whatsoever: User Submissions, Liability, Jurisdiction, Indemnity, and Complete Agreement.

Disputes: Any claim or controversy in connection with this Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy, the web site, or the services or products shall be settled by binding arbitration to be held in Davie Florida, FL in accordance with the rules of the local or applicable laws. Claims are to be arbitrated singly without incorporation to other parties. Usage of the website means agreement to comply with the laws of Florida in connection with the arbitration of dispute and claim involving any employee, director, supplier, and agent of American HGH Clinics. Substantive laws of the State of Florida covers the Terms of Service, without respect and merit to conflicting laws of other jurisdictions. If provision of this Terms of Service is invalid with regards to other jurisdiction laws, it must not affect the validity of other provisions. American HGH Clinics 4491 Stirling Rd #203 Davie, Florida  33314

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