All About Testosterone Therapy

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on September 30th, 2020, Published on September 30th, 2020
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Bio-Identical Testosterone Restoration Treatments

What do you really know about Testosterone?

Everyone has a certain perception of natural Testosterone, Testosterone therapy, and Testosterone abuse, but most people have numerous misconceptions regarding just basic Testosterone.

By clearing the air about Testosterone, we can help you become more knowledgeable about the hormone, which is absolutely vital for male (and even female!) health, and you can become armed with the knowledge of when to seek treatment to preserve and protect your physiological health and function.

What Does Testosterone Do for Men?

Testosterone is a hormone that is synthesized naturally by the human body which is intricately connected to male health and masculinity.

Testosterone serves two equally important purposes in the male body. First, it is a potent anabolic steroid, meaning that it promotes metabolic processes throughout the body, with particular regard to the muscles.

Second, it is a hormone that promotes virility. This means that Testosterone encourages the maturation and display of masculine physical and mental characteristics.

Without Testosterone, the body cannot maintain its masculine status and reverts to a more feminine state.

What Organs of the Body are Testosterone Produced By?

In men, Testosterone is released by far, in its greatest quantity, in the testes. In addition to the testes, the adrenal glands play a secondary role in the manufacture and release of Testosterone.

Since women do not have testes, they do not produce nearly as much Testosterone as men, but they do produce Testosterone from their own adrenal glands, as well as a small amount from their ovaries.

What is the Function of Testosterone in the Male Reproductive System?

Testosterone is an Androgen that promotes sexual health. Testosterone is the primary actor in regard to the health and function of the male reproductive system.

Without Testosterone, it is impossible to engage in sexual activity, and without the precursor hormone, Luteinizing Hormone, the body cannot produce sperm for reproduction.

Without Testosterone, mankind would simply cease to be, with no means to reproduce. Testosterone is the key to male sexuality.

In particular, Testosterone is responsible for a variety of different sexual processes, including:

  • Encouraging the release of Nitric Oxide, which stimulates erection

  • Instilling libido and the innate desire for sexual activity

  • Enhancing the sensitivity of the penis, which is the mechanism which produces the male orgasm

  • Luteinizing Hormone stimulates the production of healthy sperm

What is Testosterone Used for in Bodybuilding?

Testosterone, like other anabolic steroids, has a potent effect on the muscles.

Testosterone has long been used for performance enhancement, increasing the size and the strength of the muscles.

Our clinic does not provide Testosterone for any reason other than the treatment of Low-T in men and women over the age of thirty, and it is illegal to take Testosterone for weight training purposes.

Testosterone is vitally important for maintaining muscle strength and size. Testosterone increases the responsiveness of the muscles, helping patients work out harder and longer.

Testosterone, in addition to IGF-1, also enhances the repair process that takes place during the night, speeding up the rehabilitative processes and helping the muscles generate more mass.

How Do Testosterone Injections Work?

Testosterone injections restore Testosterone by delivering Bio-Identical Testosterone to the muscles, where it is slowly released into the body.

All common forms of Testosterone shots are ester compounds, meaning that biologically pure Testosterone is combined with an ester compound to slow down the release of Testosterone into the bloodstream.

This is very different from Bio-Identical HGH, which is delivered into subcutaneous fatty tissue and is absorbed quickly by the body.

How Long Do Testosterone Injections Last?

The answer to this question depends specifically on the formulation of injectable Testosterone being used.

The length of time that it takes for a single dose of Testosterone to be absorbed by the body depends on two factors: the size of the ester compound and whether the injection was delivered in an oil or water suspension.

The larger the ester, the longer that it takes for Testosterone to break free from the ester and be absorbed by the body.

In regard to oil and water, oil suspensions slow down the absorption of Testosterone as opposed to water suspensions.

What Are the Types of Testosterone Injection?

Testosterone Enanthate Injections -- Injectable Testosterone Enanthate is highly prized for both being long-acting and providing a very stable dose of Testosterone. Most patients are suggested to deliver Testosterone Enanthate once every ten to fourteen days.

Testosterone Cypionate Injections -- Injectable Testosterone Cypionate is probably the most common and popular Testosterone shot in the United States. Testosterone Enanthate and Cypionate are different formulations, but they are delivered to the human body in almost identical fashion, dispersing into the body over the course of ten to fourteen days.

Testosterone Propionate Injections -- Injectable Testosterone Propionate was the first formulation of Testosterone used for Testosterone therapy. Testosterone Cypionate and Enanthate are much more popular today. Testosterone Propionate must be injected two to three times per week for maximum effect.

Testosterone Phenylpropionate Injections -- This form of Testosterone is less common than the three listed above, and is commonly used in combination Testosterone Esters. When used by itself, the body absorbs the dose in five to six days. The absorption schedule warrants two injections per week.

Testosterone Decanoate Injections -- This is one of the most common forms of Testosterone across the world, although it is not nearly so prevalent in the United States. Depending on the dose, this form of Testosterone is delivered around once every two weeks for Testosterone restoration.

How Long Does a Testosterone Shot Last?

Testosterone injections are delivered using a method known as an intramuscular injection. These injections are delivered into the muscle tissue using needles that are an average of 1.5 inches in length, which will depend on both the size of the muscle and the amount of fat covering the muscle tissue.

The actual injection process is quite fast, only lasting a brief moment. Simply pierce the needle into the skin, carefully press down on the plunger and pull out once you've delivered the medication.

Prescription Testosterone Creams for Testosterone Deficiency

Testosterone injections may have been the first method of delivering Testosterone, but today, there are a variety of safe and effective Testosterone delivery methods. One of the most common methods today are Testosterone creams.

Testosterone creams are water-based and are white in color. They look like thin shaving cream. Testosterone creams are delivered by simply massaging into the skin. The cream absorbs into the skin over the course of around ten to fifteen minutes.

Benefits of Testosterone Gels

Testosterone gels are very similar to Testosterone creams. Both are delivered by rubbing into the skin. The primary difference between the two forms of Testosterone is that gels are formulated with an oil base rather than a water base.

This form of topical Testosterone is clear. Testosterone gels absorb into the skin faster than creams but have to be massaged over a larger area since they are less aerated than creams.

Benefits of Testosterone Patches

Testosterone patches work using a similar process as both Testosterone gels and creams. Testosterone patches deliver Testosterone through skin absorption. Unlike Testosterone creams and gels, Testosterone patches deliver a slow and constant stream of Testosterone across an entire 24 hour period.

Patients and physicians like transdermal Testosterone patches because they provide one of the steadiest forms of Testosterone available. Testosterone patches must be applied once every 24 hours.

Benefits of Testosterone Pellets

Bio-Identical Testosterone pellets (implants) are another option when it comes to Testosterone optimization therapy. Testosterone implants deliver three to five months of Testosterone with a single implant, but they must be surgically implanted by a physician in an out-patient procedure.

All it takes is a simple incision to deliver the Bio-Identical Testosterone cylinder, however. It doesn't even require stitches, just adhesive tape that must be left on for a few days afterward.

What to Expect from Testosterone

For men suffering from Testosterone Deficiency and Andropause, Testosterone replacement treatment can produce amazing benefits.

Over the course of around six months of treatment, it is possible to achieve significant gains in physical, sexual, and psychological health. The following is just a brief list of the benefits that men that use Testosterone therapy report:

Benefits of Increased Testosterone

  • Increased Muscle Mass

  • Enhanced Fat Burning Power

  • Increased Confidence and Assertiveness

  • Reduced Anxiety and Depression

  • Stronger Bones

  • Increased Libido

  • Enhanced Sexual Ability

  • Improved Erectile Function

  • Increased Endurance

  • Improved Cardiovascular Function

  • Balanced Cholesterol Levels

  • Improved Sleeping Habits

Signs of Testosterone Deficiency

For men with Low-T, Testosterone replacement with gels, creams, patches, and injections are an amazing way to resolve the symptoms associated with Andropause and Testosterone Deficiency.

With the help of Testosterone enhancement, it is possible to live a life of greater health and vitality. But in order to get treatment, it is vital to understand the symptoms. The following are signs of Low-Testosterone to look out for:

  • Increased Anxiety and Feelings of Trepidation

  • Reduced Energy Levels

  • Muscle Atrophy Over Time

  • Trouble Losing Weight

  • Restless Sleep

  • Depression

  • Weakening Erection

  • Inability to Generate an Erection

  • Loss of Sex Drive or Interest in One's Partner

  • Loss of Bone Mineral Density

  • Thinning Body Hair

Testosterone: How Long Does it Take to See Results?

The benefits of Low-T treatment generally take around a month to six weeks to manifest, as opposed to two or three months for Human Growth Hormone therapy. Some benefits of Low-T treatment become apparent much more quickly than others.

Many patients explain that they feel changes in their disposition and their energy levels in a matter of days. By six months, nearly all patients experience real and significant improvements in their health and their body composition.

How Can I Buy Testosterone Shots for Men Online?

If you are interested in Testosterone injections or any other form of Low-T treatment, our clinic can arrange with a local affiliate in your area that can take the necessary blood work and provide the physical that we will need to discover your underlying hormone status.

After you are approved, we have access to online pharmacies that can provide some of the cheapest Testosterone treatments available in America today.

We have streamlined the process from start to finish, meaning that you can get approved quickly, without hassle. A Low-T physical and blood sample is all that it takes!

Do Women Need Testosterone?

Men need a lot more Testosterone than women, but women have their own innate need for Testosterone as well.

Although Estrogen is the primary hormone that controls female reproductive processes, Testosterone controls sexual desire and the ability for the female body to prepare itself for the physical act of sex.

In addition to this, Testosterone also helps protect the heart and cardiovascular health and helps preserve healthy bone mineral density, which can protect the female body from the frailty associated with osteopenia and osteoporosis.

How Can Testosterone Treatment Help Women?

Women often experience symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency around the same period as they experience Menopause. This is because the ovaries reduce their production of Testosterone at the same time that Estrogen production changes for good.

Testosterone replacement provides a number of benefits for women. For one, it can soften and alleviate many symptoms of Menopause, including hot flashes and mood instability.

Testosterone can also enhance the strength of the bones, which keeps women structurally strong deeper into the lifespan.

For women that are experiencing a lack of sexual desire, or uncomfortable sexual activity, Testosterone replenishment can be an absolute game-changer.

Testosterone patches, creams, and injections stimulate sexual desire, restoring libido in a way that many women haven't experienced in years or more. Testosterone also helps the body get ready for sex, increasing lubrication and sensitivity, enhancing the sexual experience.

Combination Testosterone and HGH Restoration

Did you know that many people simultaneously suffer from HGH Deficiency and Low-T? Many people are surprised when they find out that they can simultaneously take Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone.

For many patients, this is actually the best course of action, and undergoing total hormone restoration can provide the best advantages when it comes to health and wellness.

Are You Interested in Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

If you feel that you may be a candidate for Low-T Treatment, we would absolutely love to help. Our clinic specializes in hormone therapy treatments such as Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, Sermorelin Acetate, and HCG Therapy.

Simply by contacting us by filling out the form on our page or calling the number at the top of the page, we can start the approval process and get you the treatment that you need to get back on your feet and on the road to a happy and active life full of vitality!

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