HGH Supplements | Do They Work? Are HGH Weight Loss Drops, HGH Pills and HGH Tablets Mostly Scams? Yes!

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on April 17th, 2018, Published on November 22nd, 2017
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Where Can I Buy the Best HGH Supplements for Bodybuilding and HGH Injections for Weight Loss?

hgh-human-growth-hormones-for-sale Do Human Growth Hormone (HGH) weight loss drops work? Do HGH pills work? Do HGH sprays work? Why are there so many forms of HGH powders online for sale claiming to make you look fitter, slimmer and younger? I saw Dr. Oz promoting HGH supplements on his medical show, do HGH pills, supplements, tablets and sprays actually work? Searching on Google you see the Internet drowned in Serovital HGH, Sytropin, GenFX, HGH Advanced, GenF20 and other nonsense, as well as other sorts of plastic bottle HGH concoctions.

There are websites all over the Internet that purport the effectiveness of buying online Human Growth Hormone supplements provided without a prescription. These are basically just amino acid combinations. We encourage you to understand the facts when it comes to these products in order to avoid being scammed. Know who to trust and what products to avoid. Before we explain why HGH pills, HGH sprays, HGH supplements and HGH tablets are ineffective, we want you to understand that the only way (as of the writing of this article) to put exogenous (external) HGH into your body is via injections.

If a website is not offering for you to purchase HGH injections, but instead offering other methods, then you should leave the site immediately. There are literally thousands of HGH pill websites on the net basically selling snake oil. The sites call their products Secretagogues (stimulaters) that act the same as Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone from the Hypothalamus, but we will explain why these are not, in fact, Secretagogues of HGH from the pituitary gland.

HGH Oral Sprays, HGH Drops and HGH Releaser Homeopathic Pills are Scams

hgh-buy-factor Are you looking to buy HGH sprays online? The problem is that HGH sprays do not work, but, oddly enough, they are one of the most common forms of supplemental HGH that you will see available to buy online. These sprays may be advertised as if they are magic in a bottle, but in reality, they are effectively the worst way to increase your HGH concentrations in the body. They have embarrassingly low levels of HGH per dose, as low as 30,000 nanograms. The other issue is that HGH in its liquid form needs to be refrigerated, but these are not actually HGH, they are amino acids in a liquid spray form. They are similar to HGH drops, which are also ineffective and administered with a droplet pen.

HGH Sprays and Secretagogues

Many oral sprays are comprised of what are known as HGH releasers and are not HGH itself. These supplements claim to increase Human Growth Hormone levels by flooding the body with certain amino acids, vitamins, herbal complexes and proteins which allegedly boost HGH levels. There is no guarantee that these HGH releasers, that claim to be Secretagogues, will have more than a negligible effect on HGH production and they are not recommended.

The Hypothalamus is responsible for releasing a hormone called Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone. This hormone is a Secretagogue, which means it stimulates the production of another biochemical, and that molecule is HGH from the pituitary gland. The HGH from the pituitary gland goes to the liver and stimulates IGF-1 or Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1, which is ultimately responsible for all the benefits you get via real HGH injections.

Sprays claim to work like the Hypothalamus and hence Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone, but this is not true. Also, HGH is the largest molecule produced by the human body, and is unable to pass through most semi-permeable membranes in the body like the throat, including the mucous membranes. The vast majority of physicians believe that oral Growth Hormone sprays are just a scam, just like HGH weight loss drops. HGH drops for weight loss are basically the same thing as the sprays, only instead of spraying into your mouth, you use a droplet pen for the HGH drops -- a different method, but still the same ineffective Growth Hormone remedy.

Amino acids are still essential for your diet so the HGH sprays and other HGH releasers are not harmful, but it is still not actual Human Growth Hormone. Human Growth Hormone is a protein complex composed of many, many amino acids.

HGH Drops and HGH Sprays for Weight Loss Versus Real Pharmaceutically Pure HGH Injections for Sale

You may see some HGH drops for weight loss and HGH sprays for losing weight safely online that are advertised with the approval of a medical physician. Even the medical profession has its share of profit-driven doctors that are willing to promote and advertise quack products with the right financial motivation. It's amazing the amount of money spent and invested in these non-injectable products, but any benefits that patients receive from these products are almost universally the result of the placebo effect.

If you want to buy the best injectable HGH therapy, you can't get it from sites hawking HGH drops, sprays or pills, but from a real medical clinic with board-certified physicians prescribing real HGH treatments like Omnitrope HGH, for instance. The best HGH for women and the best HGH for men looking to lose weight or rejuvenate their bodies, is the real stuff. Real injectable HGH comes lyopholized in a powder that requires reconstitution with bacteriostatic water, that you can buy legally with a prescription from a pharmacy, not so-called supplement HGH.

You wont find real HGH at GNC. The HGH from GNC, is likely just oral powders or pills as described above that are cocktails of vitamins or amino acids, not anywhere near the real stuff. You can only legally get HGH from a legitimate and reputable clinic in the United States, by real board-certified HGH doctors. Contact us today to find out how to purchase real HGH injections. Remember these HGH drops or sprays claim to be like the Secretagogue molecule Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone that tells the Somatotropic cells in the pituitary gland to release HGH, but these items are nothing like the hypothalamic molecule Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone. This is important to never forget this fact.

The pituitary gland is stimulated by Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone to produce and release Growth Hormone to the bloodstream.

HGH Pills and Powders are Scams

Are you looking to buy HGH pills online? Don't do it! Another form of supplemental HGH products that you will often see online everywhere are HGH pills. Unlike Human Growth Hormone sprays, which are effectively useless, HGH pills do have some pharmacological effects. This does not mean that your body is getting real HGH, however. These pills often have L-Arginine and other amino acids purported to stimulate the pituitary glad to release HGH that then converts to IGF-1 in the liver.

The stomach breaks down complex proteins as they enter the stomach, so any real HGH that you ingest never makes it to your blood stream in its complete form. Real HGH is so delicate that it can only enter the blood stream from outside the body (exogenously) through injections, specifically subcutaneous injections in the area of the love handles, or belly fat. Always remember to stay away from the belly button when injecting. Three inches to the left, right, up or down from the belly button in fat is the way to go. Most people inject three inches to the left or right of the belly button with the real stuff, or in the buttocks or love handles.

L-Arginine for HGH Stimulation

growth-hgh-hormone-injectionsSome of the proteins in these oral HGH pills can lead to increased Human Growth Hormone production (like L-Arginine, for instance), but the increase in secretion is nearly impossible to control via this method, and will not promote the benefits associated with pharmaceutically pure HGH injections that come in vials or injection pens. The amino acids will also impact other systems, potentially leading to a variety of negative symptoms and unintended side-effects. There is even potential for liver damage, as the organ is not designed to take on large amounts of amino acids and other molecular fragments for an extended period of time.

These websites attempting to persuade you to buy HGH supplements online are not being honest about their so-called HGH products, whether they be HGH drops for weight loss, HGH pills for building muscle or HGH nightly sprays to stimulate the pituitary gland while you sleep. As already stated, many products forgo Human Growth Hormone altogether, and stimulate HGH production via dietary amino acids. These formulations can lead to some HGH stimulation, but the benefits are highly specious, and will not produce the full medical effects associated with injectable HGH. Clinical studies on these methods have been inconclusive and most HGH doctors stay away from them.

How Do I Experience the Benefits of HGH Restoration?

best-hgh-on-the-market Remember, for patients that are suffering from Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, also known as Hypopituitarism, or adult-onset Growth Hormone Deficiency, there is no substitute for injectable HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). There is no product that you can buy without a prescription or over-the-counter that can effectively replicate the proven medical benefits of bio-identical Growth Hormone injections. If you are interested in buying real HGH injections online, and believe that you may be suffering from age-related HGH Deficiency, we can provide you with a blood test to check your IGF-1 levels, and be sure to talk to one of our licensed physicians and find out if you qualify for treatment. If you are interested in getting injectable HGH legally, our HGH clinic offers the best HGH injections available on the market today! The main brand we prescribe is Omnitrope. Begin by filling out the contact form on our website below to get started. Call us after you finish completing the contact form below for security purposes.

Real HGH References

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