HGH Bodybuilding | What is the Legality of HGH for Bodybuilding, Building Muscle and Weight Training?

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Published on November 23rd, 2017
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Is Buying HGH Injections for Bodybuilding Legal?

testosterone-supplements-gnc-medicalThe short answer is: No! If you are looking for Human Growth Hormone explicitly for the purposes of professional sports performance enhancement, building muscle or bodybuilding, we regret to inform you that it is illegal to use injectable HGH for these purposes. In spite of its illegality for these purposes, there are thousands upon thousands of people across America that are buying HGH injections for bodybuilding and general weight training on the black market. Injectable Human Growth Hormone for bodybuilding and muscle development continues to be popular among Hollywood actors, body sculptors and athletes for its biological enhancement properties, albeit even though it is illegal for these specific purposes.

In this research article we will discuss HGH supplements for bodybuilding versus HGH injections, HGH dosages for bodybuilding and their dangers and HGH for gaining or losing weight. We hope to dispel some of the most common myths about HGH drops, powders, sprays and pills, so that people understand injectable HGH is the only real way to move forward with treatments for deficiency. One of the most important topics we will discuss is illegal versus legal HGH, and how you can buy real injectable HGH therapy for legitimate purposes.

Buying Mexican or Chinese HGH for Bodybuilding and IGF-1 Levels

medical-injectionsCircumventing the legal processes through legitimate hormone clinics for getting Human Growth Hormone injections is not safe and potentially dangerous. Before utilizing injectable HGH, it is vitally important to visit a hormone specialist doctor and undergo the preliminary testing necessary to prove a legitimate clinical need for the treatment. The blood analysis of IGF-1 levels will provide both doctor and candidate patient with the underlying hormone balance or imbalance associated with optimal HGH levels. If you attempt to take your health into your own hands, there is a real chance you will hurt your body in irreversible ways. We implore you never to purchase Human Growth Hormone on the web from sources that sell the product illegally. There are many websites selling HGH from China and Mexico for bodybuilding without a prescription, and these products are usually tainted.

Avoid HGH from Mexico, because it has been sometimes found to be fake, or laced with toxic heavy metals. Avoid HGH from China, because the quality and purity is very low, having never passed the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) approval.

The Origins of HGH in the Human Body

Even though HGH is illegal for bodybuilding purposes, we can still study these uses in order to learn more about what HGH injections are really capable of. Human Growth Hormone is a polypeptide hormone with a complex history in the United States when it was first extracted from cadavers. Today, we can synthesize it in a laboratory for maximum purity. What was known at the time, is that HGH is naturally released in pulses from tiny cells in the anterior of the pituitary known as Somatotrophs, and is integrally beneficial to humans due to its promotion of proper rehabilitation, development and growth of the muscles after physical activity.

Before HGH is released by the pituitary gland though, the Secretagogue, Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH), is released by the Hypothalamus. GHRH travels to the pituitary gland, stimulating it to release a specific amount of Human Growth Hormone. Once HGH is released, it makes its way to the liver and IGF-1 is released. This is why HGH supplements for bodybuilding claiming to be Secretagogues are a scam. And this is why the only way to get HGH in the body is through the injectable form.

Reviews about HGH Benefits for Bodybuilding

What makes Human Growth Hormone so appealing to bodybuilders? Many weight room aficionados believe that Human Growth Hormone is capable of many benefits, including:

    1. Enhanced Retention of Minerals, including Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium and Nitrogen -- HGH bodybuilding forums have stated that HGH improves the muscle's and bone's capacity for holding different elements that are essential for health and development.
    2. Enhanced Cartilage Synthesis -- Some researchers have reported that HGH injections improve cartilage synthesis. Adequate cartilage synthesis is very important for both powerlifters and bodybuilders especially, due to their intense need for rapid muscle growth and development.
    3. Improved Circulation of Amino Acids and Glucose -- HGH is thought to repair the circulatory system by stimulating new cell production in the veins and arteries.
    4. Increased Fat-Burning Power -- HGH injections improve lipolysis (burning fat). HGH for weight loss is one of its most popular functions that people seek. HGH also has the capacity to help people gain weight who are trying to do so, like Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) patients.
    5. Improved Intracellular Transport of Nutrients -- Intense exercise and HGH injections can improve the body's ability to transport nutrients to the cells of the body, because IGF-1 stimulates cell proliferation.
    6. Enhanced Availability to Distribute and Utilize Fatty Acids -- HGH injections with intense cardiovascular workouts have shown to stimulate the body's ability to utilize fatty acids, especially long-chain fatty acids.
    7. Significantly Improved Muscle Development for the More Than 700 Muscles of the Human Body -- HGH has shown its ability to help the muscle cells develop and proliferate and, as a consequence, muscles have a better capacity for utilizing protein.

HGH Injections and Recovery Time (Mark Cuban is Conducting Research in 2014) injections-hgh

A research program is being conducted by Mark Cuban to determine the benefits of recovery and rehabilitation with HGH injections. We have broached upon this subject on other pages on this website.

HGH Bodybuilding Dosage

Though using HGH injections for bodybuilders is illegal, there is a black market underworld of people using HGH injections for everything you can imagine. In this illegal world, many bodybuilders have highlighted better exercise recovery times with the use of HGH and intense exercise. Some bodybuilders are doing insane doses of injectable HGH: 2, 4, 6, even 8 IUs in one day. Endocrinologists would never suggest going above 2 IUs, considering that as the upper limit and definitely no more than one injection 5x a week, with two days off. Most physicians tend to prescribe low optimal doses based on the patient's IGF-1 concentration, attempting to get them to around 250 ng/dl, more or less.

HGH for Burning Fat, Weight Loss and the Benefits Bodybuilders Seek

Human Growth Hormone is popular among bodybuilders and athletes because it greatly improves muscle strength, recovery times and endurance. HGH is a bodybuilder's dream, but the FDA has not approved it for these reasons, so we are unable to provide treatment for you with HGH or Testosterone if you are intending to use it for these unapproved purposes. High doses of HGH can also cause one to gain a lot of weight,, which is another reason bodybuilders use it, as well as HIV patients.

Reputable HGH Clinic

Our HGH clinic is more concerned about working with normal average people, who are not professional athletes. We seek to work with people who have a genuine clinical need for HGH replacement, and have no other motives than to balance their hormone levels and regain their quality of life. Adult-onset Growth Hormone Deficiency and Hypopituitarism are a serious problem for millions of American men and women, and we work only within the guidelines of the law to provide legal bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for men and women.

Anabolic Steroids and HGH Injections

The dirty little secret of professional sports, Hollywood and the global Olympics, is that many people are using HGH injections, injectable Sermorelin Acetate (An analog of Secretegogue GHRH) and Testosterone replacement therapy to get the advantage over their competitors. In the past, such as the '80s and '90s, football pros were injecting all kinds of crazy cocktail mixes of anabolic steroids, and then dying at a very young age, after having pushed their bodies to the bleeding edge. One only needs to look back in time to find the names and faces of these men and women on the Internet. Many of these people died in their 40's and 50's due to complications of anabolic steroids abuse, but this fact is not always stated.

HGH Doctors (Usually Internal Medicine, Endocrinologist or Urologist Physicians) Prescribing Injectable HGH Protocols

At the dawn of the 21st century, the Internet would finally usher in the age where it is theoretically possible to for every person in the world to have access to all knowledge. And so as the secret got out about HRT, and people became intrigued, rushing to doctors in every city and state in the United States, seeking out these remedies.

HGH Controversies

Since the 1980s, the United States Congress has been aware of the controversy of Human Growth Hormone, as a result of the amateur and professional athletes that have used HGH to get the edge over their competition. A large number of athletes have been suspended or kicked out of their sport for alleged or proven use of Human Growth Hormone.

However, most HGH specialist doctors themselves were just learning about these controversial medicines peaking everyone's curiosity -- stem cell therapy, gene therapy and Hormone Replacement Therapy -- the buzz words people keep pounding into Google, Yahoo and Bing, ravenously devouring everything they could possibly find out about it. However, the problem was that the breakthroughs were happening daily, weekly, and monthly, making it hard to keep up. Though stem cell therapy and gene therapy are having their kinks worked out in clinical trials and wont be fully ready for the mainstream public until the next five to ten years, currently, Hormone Replacement Therapy, utilizing HGH, Sermorelin and Testosterone, has become very popular amongst baby boomers. In fact, many baby boomers are stating that Sermorelin Acetate combined with Testosterone replacement therapy have given them the best results, more so than HGH and Testosterone alone. So things continue to develop...

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)/HIV and Muscle Wasting

Human Growth Hormone provides real world benefits apart from simple hormone restoration. Bio-identical Human Growth Hormone is commonly prescribed for a condition known as AIDS/HIV-related wasting. One of the most dangerous symptoms of AIDS and HIV is that it can lead to severe muscle atrophy and the breakdown of the internal organs. Bio-identical HGH has been clinically proven to help prevent these debilitating symptoms, allowing patients to live longer and healthier lives. HGH can also help people to gain weight with a high caloric intake and exercise, something even AIDS patients struggle with.

Human Growth Hormone Beneficial for Both Men and Women

Among patients over thirty-five years old, both men and women prescribed Human Growth Hormone injections have experienced reduced body fat and increased physical strength. Fat burning occurs primarily around the midsection -- the toughest area of fat to reduce. Bodybuilders must not ask a doctor for HGH as it's not legal and you will most likely lose your opportunity to get HGH for health purposes. If you call us and tell us you want to use HGH for bodybuilding purposes, we will not be able to provide you with treatment. We ask you to please explore our entire website and read our terms of service and legal disclaimers.

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