Human Growth Hormone Injection Therapy

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on March 14th, 2021, Published on March 14th, 2021
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Human Growth Hormone is one of the essential hormones released by the human body.

HGH is released by cells in the brain called Somatotrophs, which are found at the base of the human Pituitary Gland.

HGH is incredibly important because of its influence on Cellular Metabolism. HGH is one of the hormones that promote and encourage cellular metabolism.

During fetal and childhood development, it's readily apparent both what HGH does and the effect that it has on the body.

Without sufficient Human Growth Hormone, kids are unable to grow to their full adult height, and their bodies don't fully develop.

The first use of Human Growth Hormone Therapy was for the treatment of HGH Deficiency in children. With the help of Human Growth Hormone Shots, children with Idiopathic HGH Deficiency can grow like normal.

How Does Human Growth Hormone Affect Adult Health?

Just because growth and development stop at the end of puberty doesn't mean that the job of Human Growth Hormone is complete.

In fact, HGH continues to have an active influence on wellness and cellular function for the rest of your lifespan. At the end of puberty, HGH Levels fall to a new baseline -- enough Human Growth Hormone to fulfill the regenerative needs of the human body without influencing further growth.

Sadly, this optimal HGH Balance is relatively short-lived. By the late twenties, HGH Levels start to drop at a continuous, albeit slow, rate.

This has minimal impact on health for many years, but during middle age and beyond, the effects start to become noticeable.

HGH influences energy and metabolism, and as Growth Hormone Levels drop, energy levels and exercise capacity begin to fall, and it gets harder to stay at a healthy body fat percentage or lose weight.

This reduction in HGH Production also affects the immune system, leading to more extended bouts of illness and slower healing from injury. Furthermore, it even negatively affects sleep, cognition, and focus.

When these symptoms become noticeable and problematic for an individual, the condition is referred to as Somatopause.

How Does HGH Therapy Treat Somatopause?

After decades of research, Endocrinologists discovered just how widespread the effects of Adult-Onset HGH Deficiency could be. They began to work on a treatment regimen designed to improve the wellness of aging men and women with Adult-Onset Hypogonadism.

New techniques also allowed researchers to develop Recombinant DNA technology that led to the development of Bio-Identical Hormones like HGH Injection Therapy.

At first, these treatments were used primarily in cases of acute HGH Deficiency, in which Growth Hormone Production was nearly halted entirely, due to disease, trauma, or other factors. But over time, HGH Shots gained popularity among doctors looking to restore healthy Growth Hormone Levels in patients suffering from Somatopause.

Somatopause Caused by Diminished HGH Signaling

One exciting thing that doctors learned during the treatment of HGH Deficiency was that, among patients dealing with issues related to Age-Related Hormone Decline, the human pituitary still retained the ability to produce Human Growth Hormone when adequately stimulated.

Further research showed that Somatopause is not caused by pituitary insufficiency, but is actually due to a lack of signaling from a primary precursor hormone known as Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone, or GH-RH.

This led to the development of a second treatment for HGH Therapy that is also popular today, known as Sermorelin Acetate Therapy. Sermorelin is the Recombinant Analog of GH-RH, and it was discovered that, for patients suffering from Somatopause, Sermorelin was equally as effective as HGH, if not superior in some cases.

HGH Therapy with Human Growth Hormone Shots and Sermorelin Injections

So now you're up to date. For patients dealing with the struggles of Somatopause, Sermorelin and Bio-Identical HGH are the primary methods available for relief from the frustrating condition.

Both treatments are delivered subcutaneously, just beneath the skin, using the same type of needle used by those that require insulin. Subcutaneous injections are nearly painless, and there are also tools and products available to increase ease of use and eliminate discomfort.

How to Get HGH Deficiency Treatment


To obtain HGH or Sermorelin, you have to get a prescription from a licensed medical doctor.

Our Hormone Therapy Clinic works with doctors in your area for evaluation of your personal need for HGH Therapy.

We offer both Sermorelin and Human Growth Hormone, as well as other treatments for Hormone Imbalance, Deficiency, and Wellness-Enhancement.

To have your HGH Levels measured, a blood sample is required. With a Comprehensive Hormone Panel, it's possible to evaluate the blood sample for a variety of different markers for health and Hormone Balance, allowing for a complete and fully-informed diagnosis.

After your Hormone Doctor has discussed the results with you in detail and gone over your options, he or she will design a plan to help you make the most of your HGH Therapy, as well as write your prescription.

Many Hormone Doctors, like our own, work with Specialty Pharmacies that focus on Bio-Identical Hormones and related medical treatments. Prescriptions can be delivered to your home in a matter of days.

How Long Until I See Results with HGH Therapy?

Because of the way that HGH functions in the human body, the significant health benefits of Human Growth Hormone Injection Therapy take time to showcase themselves.

For the first week or so, you should start noticing changes in energy level and focus, but many other benefits take weeks or months to develop.

Your body has gone without sufficient Human Growth Hormone for an extended period, and certain advantages, like increased muscle mass, faster healing, and increased fat metabolism, take more time to accrue to your benefit.

A significant portion of patients experience huge physiological benefits from treatment for around six months.

Should I Start HGH Therapy?

The only way to know for sure if you are a viable candidate for Human Growth Hormone  Restoration is to talk to a medical professional that specializes in Hormone Therapy or Hormone-Related Disorders.

Only with the help of a trained professional can you discover your need for Bio-Identical HGH and whether you are a safe candidate for treatment. If you'd like to speak with a Board Certified Hormone Specialist, we offer a free consultation.

If you'd like to make a local appointment for Hormone Evaluation, we have affiliates located nationwide!


Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency: from Transition to Senescence.

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