Testosterone Injections

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on February 6th, 2024, Published on October 2nd, 2020
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Testosterone Injections

Testosterone is produced and secreted by the adrenal glands and the reproductive organs of both men and women. Both sexes need Testosterone, but, of course, men produce much more of this preeminently masculine hormone.

Testosterone plays a major role in the male reproductive and health system -- men produce ten times the testosterone that women do! Testosterone plays a part in deepening the male voice, increasing lean muscle mass, and the male reproductive system.

Testosterone levels spike during puberty and remain high through early adulthood, which is why there are so many characteristics associated with young men of this age, such as confidence, assertiveness, and sexual passion.

Unfortunately, things start to change as men grow older. Testosterone production significantly declines as men grow older. This decline will likely go unnoticed for many years, but will eventually start to impact health and wellness, potentially even leading to issues related to sexual desire and function.

Testosterone injections were the first form of Low-T therapy available and remain popular today. Testosterone injections are effective in curing hormonal imbalance, impotency, and puberty issues.

There is also some evidence that suggests Testosterone treatments may be a useful component of some cancer treatments!

Prescription Injectable Testosterone Therapy

Under the supervision of a physician, Testosterone injections can be used as a treatment for a multitude of symptoms caused by Testosterone deficiency.

By following your doctor's orders, and using Low-T injections as intended, Testosterone therapy is very safe with a low risk of side-effects.

When Testosterone is injected into the body (intramuscularly), the muscle cells release the hormone into the bloodstream.

Any person can administer Testosterone injections, provided that they have the proper training. It must be noted that Testosterone may harm the human body if not used properly. This is why it's essential to only use Testosterone under the supervision of a physician.

With regards to bodybuilding and muscle development, Testosterone injections can help give you an edge.

Testosterone and other steroids have long been used as a means of performance enhancement and it should be noted that Testosterone is illegal for such purposes and should only be used for men with a legitimate need a.k.a. a deficiency.

Testosterone stimulates protein synthesis which is necessary for muscle fiber development and growth.

Protein synthesis stimulates calcium retention in the bone mass which prevents skeletal disease like arthritis and osteoporosis.

Testosterone can also help you keep your sexual performance at its peak. Increased libido is very common in men taking Testosterone injections. As such, injections can help men avoid the worst of Andropause, which is characterized by a decline in sexual performance.

Testosterone Cypionate for Low-T

There are a number of Testosterone injection products available, the most popular of which, in the United States, is Testosterone Cypionate.

Testosterone Cypionate only needs to be injected once every one to two weeks and provides long-lasting benefits for the entire duration between injections.

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