What is HGH Therapy?

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Published on February 11th, 2019
What is HGH Therapy?
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Whether in literature or real life, man has long been in search for that one solution to fight aging. No matter how inevitable sagging skin, graying hair or a wrinkly face may be, it cannot be denied that man is still hopeful actually to discover the fountain of youth.

More than 40 years of research and investigation has left humans wondering whether or not the holy grail to long-lasting youth has finally been found.


Of course, in order to solve a problem, one must look into the root cause: why exactly do people go through various signs of aging, from the unflattering wrinkles to the feeling of being too weak to keep up with the usual routine?

According to the researchers, it is a hormone, called Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is responsible, but not with its presence, but instead because of its absence.

Clinical studies have been able to show that it is these hormones, which, at 20 years old, composes about 10 milligrams per deciliter of blood in the body.

However, as human grow older, this Growth Hormone decreases until it is just about 2 milligrams per deciliter of blood. But why would man blame the lack of Human Growth Hormone in the body for showing the unflattering signs of aging?

Over 40 years of study have shown that such a hormone, when present in the body, can help one lose fat and build muscle, improve mood and increase sex drive. It is also this hormone which is responsible for helping reduce wrinkles, regenerate damaged cells and tissues in the body as well as ensure the proper function of the body organs and systems such as the heart, brain and the immune system.

So, would you still be surprised why Human Growth Hormone therapy can bring about such massive demand in the market, despite the quite high costs attached to it? For many people, such investment is something worthwhile since its effects can be enjoyed for years.

What Causes Human Growth Hormone Deficiency?

HGH Deficiency occurs for many reasons. Some people are born with an inability to produce enough Human Growth Hormone.

It was for these children that Human Growth Hormone injectable therapy was first invented, generations ago. Decades of further research have shown that there are other reasons why people suffer from HGH Deficiency as well and that it is also likely merely a symptom of aging.

Age-related HGH Deficiency is the result of changes in the way that the body calls for the production of Human Growth Hormone.

Natural HGH is produced by the pituitary gland when the pituitary is stimulated by another hormone known as Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone or GH-RH.

For reasons that researchers are just beginning to understand, the Hypothalamus, the central processing center of the brain, sends less and less GH-RH to the pituitary as we grow older, which leads to symptoms associated with age-related Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.

How Does Injectable HGH Therapy Treat HGH Deficiency?

HGH injections treat Growth Hormone Deficiency by directly replacing the body's waning supply of this vital hormone. HGH injections are intended to provide HGH levels to the patient that reflect the hormonal state of the patient in his mid-20s.

By replacing HGH in this manner, it is possible to treat the symptoms of aging caused by Growth Hormone Deficiency. Sermorelin Acetate is another way to treat HGH Deficiency and works by imitating the function of GH-RH in the body, reliably leading to a steady and healthy increase in Growth Hormone levels.

Health and wellness physicians are increasingly turning to Sermorelin Acetate over HGH therapy because of its reliability and its excellent safety profile.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy Benefits for Men and Women

Great in the boardroom and the bedroom! Those who have gone through the Human Growth Hormone therapy can attest to the many positive improvements in their lives.

While a person may start feeling weak as the years pass, those who have tried this therapy say that this therapy has significantly changed their lives for the better.

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