How Do I Mix and Inject HGH?

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on October 16th, 2022, Published on November 25th, 2018
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How to Reconstitute and Subcutaneously Inject Human Growth Hormone

testosterone-supplement-medical When you get Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for the first time, it's important to fully understand the methods and protocols of the administration of HGH. Before injecting HGH, it is vitally important to undergo proper instruction facilitated by your physician. This article is just an information and reference tool for you. Please speak to your physician in detail first, before using HGH injections yourself.

HGH Injection and Reconstitution Preparation

  1. Wash your wrists and hands.
  2. Clean and prepare a suitable location.
  3. Gather all of the necessary supplies. Inspect your supplies for tampering, and make sure they are within the dates listed and not expired.

HGH Reconstitution Process

medical-how-to-increase-testosterone You will have two vials: one will contain your lyophilized (powdered) HGH, and the other the diluent which will reconstitute the solution. Maintain both under refrigeration until ready to use.

  1. Take the two vials and bring them to a safe, clean area.
  2. Clean the tops of both vials with an alcohol swab.
  3. Unpackage your syringe and needle.
  4. Draw air into the syringe which equals the amount of diluent you are taking out.
  5. Pierce the diluent vial with the needle.
  6. Turn the vial upside down and draw in the required amount of diluent needed to reconstitute your HGH.
  7. Draw the needle out.
  8. Pierce the HGH vial with your needle, now filled with diluent.
  9. Tilt the vial so that when you release the diluent, it runs down the side of the bottle, rather than falling directly upon the dried HGH.
  10. Release the diluent slowly and allow the two components to mix.
  11. After you have fully injected the diluent, take the needle out and throw it away in a safe container.
  12. Lightly swirl your solution to aid in the reconstitution process.
  13. Dispose of leftover diluent vial.

Filling Your HGH Syringe

  1. Sanitize the stopper of the vial with an alcohol swab
  2. Take syringe and needle out of the sanitary package. Draw air into the syringe until it is the same as your prescribed dose.
  3. Stick the needle into the plug. Make sure stopper is clean throughout the process. If you happen to touch it, wipe it off again.
  4. Flip the HGH vial, and keep needle submerged.
  5. Push air into the HGH vial.
  6. Pull plunger and draw your prescribed dose.
  7. Softly agitate the syringe so that any bubbles rise to the tip of the needle. Push the air out of the needle.
  8. Draw out the needle.
  9. Cover the needle with its cap, carefully.

How to Inject Human Growth Hormone


  1. Wipe the area where you intend to inject the solution with an alcohol swab, and allow it to dry.
  2. Take the cap off of the needle and squeeze your skin to raise it slightly and provide a deeper subcutaneous surface. Ideal areas for injection include backs of the arms, the soft area of the stomach and the upper thighs.
  3. Pierce the skin with the needle at a 90-degree angle if you have enough skin drawn, and at a 45-degree angle for tighter areas.
  4. Depress the plunger so that you release the medication. Push the plunger in entirely.
  5. Slowly, but carefully, draw the needle straight out.
  6. Apply pressure with gauze or cotton, but don't rub.
  7. Throw away the needle and syringe in a proper container.
  8. Move HGH vial back into refrigeration.


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