HGH and Weight Loss

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on July 1st, 2023, Published on September 12th, 2020
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Reduced Body Fat

Obesity is at epidemic levels in the United States today. Changes in diet and lifestyle have altered our eating habits and activity levels to an extent to which record numbers of men and women are overweight or obese.

All over the country, people are looking for diet treatments that work -- but often to no avail. For patients with Human Growth Hormone deficiency, their inability to lose weight may not be the result of their own efforts, but because of the negative influence hormone imbalance has on motivation and metabolism.

Fighting obesity is one of the benefits of Human Growth Hormone. Proper production of HGH by the pituitary, stimulated by the hypothalamus, preserves hormonal balance, reducing the risk of being overweight. Synthetic HGH is linked to weight loss programs -- and the aim of having a slender body.

Can you really use HGH to lose weight faster? There are studies that prove the connection between HGH and weight loss.

However, there are also negative opinions and challenges that are faced. Human Growth Hormone has been shown to produce real changes in body composition, leading to an increase in muscle mass and a reduction in body fat, associated with increased energy levels and improved exercise capacity.

HGH is Important to Health and Development All Throughout the Lifespan

This natural polypeptide complex is produced by the pituitary gland via the hypothalamus to motivate and demand growth within the body.

From infancy to adulthood, HGH plays a major role in life, bordering functions like cell growth, muscle development, brain activity, energy utilization, and metabolic processes. Without HGH, it is impossible for one to grow mentally and physically.

During the teenage years, the HGH production reaches its peak and remains quite high throughout the twenties.

In fact, the so-called Freshman 15 is likely at least partially the result of this initial tapering of Growth Hormone production, when the body is acclimating to a new normal that happens to coincide with the first year of college.

Around the late twenties, Growth Hormone levels start to slowly decline from the stable level of the twenties. The lower that Growth Hormone levels get, the more susceptible that the body is to weight gain.

Probably, the most important topic of weight loss is metabolism. Metabolism is the process of chemical reactions necessary to sustain and develop life.

When one moves, the body uses energy to sustain that move. In this manner, energy stored in the food you eat is used. But what if the human body does not use the stored energy that much?

HGH helps in weight loss by maintaining the metabolism of the human body in perfect condition. The human body uses the stored energy of foods taken inside without any excess. Excess energy in food is stored in tissues resulting in fat accumulation.

Human Growth Hormone encourages the body to burn energy from body fat and the foods that we eat to maintain energy, rather than reducing energy levels and storing all of those calories as fat.

Because HGH is responsible for the development of muscles, during the metabolic processes of the body, stored energies are used up and converted into muscular tissues.

However, it is still necessary to do some strength training to motivate the usage of accumulated fats into energy. In due time, HGH helps to lose weight, build muscle, and keep the body composition in great shape.

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