Human Growth Hormone and Sexual Health

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Published on November 22nd, 2018
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HGH and Sex Drive

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In many ways, it's not so bad to grow older. For most people, getting older provides an opportunity for personal growth, the cultivation of wisdom, and many other benefits. For couples that have children, getting older has another fantastic advantage; it means that the kids get older too! Though children are undoubtedly a blessing, they also have a way of getting in the way of sex and intimacy which can be somewhat frustrating.

So the kids get older and spend more time out of the house. They eventually go to college or otherwise move out to start a life of their own, finally giving you and your spouse the opportunity to reignite that spark and fall in love all over again. During this special time, however, many people don't recapture the spirit of sexual desire and vigor like they expected.

Sexual Dysfunction Leads to Rocky Relationships

This has been a cause of marital strife for as long as there have been marriages. For thousands upon thousands of couples, lack of romance and sexual dissatisfaction have led to needless complications, which often lead to divorce. Even perfectly happy couples can find sexual desire lacking.

The sad fact is that too many couples blame their problems in the bedroom on each other's minds and hearts when the issue is the result of Hormone Imbalance. One major contributor to lack of libido and inhibited sexual function in both sexes is Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.

How Does Human Growth Hormone Contribute to a Healthy Sex Life?

The reason why Healthy HGH Levels are so intrinsically connected to a healthy libido is primarily the result of the impact of unlimited circulation and unhindered exercise capacity. In both sexes, the sex organs require unimpeded blood flow to support and sustain sexual desire and ability. In men, low HGH Levels make it harder to maintain an erection. It also inhibits the pleasure associated with sexual activity, making it more problematic to achieve orgasm, and causing the resulting physical satisfaction to be lackluster.

HGH Sexual Dysfunction

The effects of Growth Hormone on Sexual Desire and Function have similar effects upon the female body. Circulation promotes lubrication, making the vagina ready for sex. Blood flow also makes the clitoris and the millions of nerves throughout the vagina significantly more sensitive, massively increasing the pleasure and increasing the likelihood of total satisfaction. HGH Deficiency not only reduces the desire for sex and the pleasure associated with the romantic activity, but it also creates discomfort, which can even lead to abrasive pain for many women, absolutely killing any chance for an enjoyable love life.

How Does HGH Therapy Improve Circulation, Blood Flow, and Sex Life?

Through the use of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone Therapy, it may be possible to rekindle the passion that has waned in your relationship. You see, Human Growth Hormones fall to a level during middle-age where the risk of sexual complications increases dramatically. The beneficial metabolic impact of Human Growth Hormone improves the body's ability to withstand physical activity and also encourages improved circulation by facilitating the rejuvenation of smooth muscle tissue. This means that you can work out harder, burn fat more quickly, build muscle faster, and improve blood flow with Human Growth Hormone. Improved cardiovascular function and circulation can have a wonderfully miraculous effect on libido and sexual sufficiency.

Are You Experiencing Sexual Issues Resulting from HGH Deficiency?


If it feels like the spark of your sexual passion has been consumed by aging, don't give up. Contact our board-certified Hormone Clinic and get tested for Hormone Imbalance. Both sexes can see significant sexual benefits as a result of Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone Therapy. We can set up an appointment with a local affiliate physician so that you can undergo a complete evaluation which includes a Comprehensive Hormone Panel which fully reveals your needs as a patient.

For men, we can also monitor for Testosterone Deficiency, which is a leading cause of Erectile Dysfunction and lack of desire. Whether your issue is Hypopituitarism, Low-T, or both, we have highly effective treatments available to restore optimal Hormone Balance.

The goal for our patients is to boost HGH Levels to a point which is known as the Golden Mean-the Growth Hormone Range which supplies the fantastic benefits of Hormone Balance while minimizing the risk of issues and complications associated with the abuse of HGH. Our clinic has extensive experience in the treatment of Hormone Imbalance and Hormone-Related Disorders, and we can help you overcome your HGH or Testosterone Deficiency and have a healthier and more satisfying sex life!


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