HGH Treatment Testimonial | Can HGH Injections Work for Me?

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Published on November 28th, 2017
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A First-Person Perspective on Injectable HGH Replacement Therapy

medical-logo-17I am a man, over the age of thirty, and I began taking Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in 2003, because of the advice of my neighbor, who is a physician. Our friendship lasted long after that first discussion, and he even helped me get a job at the university at which he was employed.

How I Found HGH

From here on out, let's just call my neighbor Dr. W. He has been working in the medical and academic fields for over four decades, and has lectured at prominent universities all across the globe. When I first met him, what first caught me off guard was his age. He told me that he was in his mid-sixties, but to me, he appeared quite obviously to be a man in his mid-thirties and in good shape.  I couldn't believe it! He explained to me that when he was younger, his life and his career were beginning to take a toll on him. He was almost ready to just give up everything and retire. Then he told me about his first experience with injectable HGH. He said that for people my age, HGH injections could be life-changing. He encouraged me to try it, and actually prescribed me my first dose. He taught me how to do it, simply by injecting the small, fine needle into the pinched skin of my stomach. hgh-couple-3

How HGH Made Me Feel

After just a few minutes after my injection, I could feel some changes in my body already. I could feel a small tingling sensation, and a prodding feeling encouraging me to straighten my back. After that first injection, he encouraged me to go out with him for a run. He recommended always going outside for a workout after an injection. I could feel the benefits immediately. It felt like my energy levels were through the roof, and as I continued taking the therapy, the treatment continued to foster a positive attitude that struck me to the very core.

The next morning I woke up feeling fantastic. It was almost like I could feel the increased metabolism melting my body fat away. It was hard for me to believe that just a single injection could have such a profound effect. Later I learned that most patients had to wait weeks to feel such changes, but that some sensitive individuals could experience the effects more quickly. I guess I was one of the lucky ones! hgh-doctor-10 My experience, at least, the rate at which I began to experience these changes, is not the norm. Most patients have to wait weeks. Don't get started and lose heart early in therapy because you aren't getting the immediate results you're looking for. With patience and dedication, you will likely experience significant and profound changes in your body and your health.

Long-Term Benefits of HGH

hgh for women My neighbor, the good doctor, still undergoes HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy to this day, and still looks more than twenty years younger than he really is. Me? I feel and look more than 5 years younger, and I'm only in my mid-thirties now. If you qualify for HGH injections, I strongly encourage you to give the treatment a try. You won't regret it. Not all patients will respond like I did, and some patients may actually not respond effectively to therapy, but if you can truly benefit, the reward is amazing!

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