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Posted: July 21, 2013 at 10:42 am

human-growth-hormone-banner HGH Keywords: Somatotropin, HGH Growth Hormone Injections, Growth Hormone Therapy, HGH Therapy HGH Growth Hormone Injections Introduction to HGH Growth Hormone Therapy by The Hormone Replacement Therapy Medical Team As one reporter put it, “Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Growth Hormone (HGH)”. We often hear about HGH mentioned controversial in the media, including TV, Web video (youtube.com) or read about it on the Internet. Many professional athletes and A-list Hollywood actors are using HGH for everything from gaining a competitive strength and endurance advantage or for simple anti-aging medical enhancement because of the positive effects HGH has on skin, brain, bone, muscle, joint and organ regeneration. HGH is being labeled the “anti-aging HGH miracle” because of the numerous medical studies suggesting its ability to turn back the age clock, helping adults over 30 who are experiencing the premature symptoms of aging to look and feel younger internally and externally. Injectable Growth Hormone Treatment Despite the positive and negative media hype about HGH, there are large numbers of traditional “old school” doctors coming out against HGH Growth Hormone, saying its benefits are minimal or dangerous, and many “progressive” and “forward-thinking” doctors are coming out in favor of HGH Growth Hormone Injections as in the case of the A4M (worldhealth.net). On the balance there seems to be more research pointing to HGH in low and moderate doses offering significant health benefits. The fact that millions of people around the world are rushing to use HGH Injections and staying on programs, through Board Certified Physicians, tends to corroborate the research suggesting its positive benefits. See: HGH Anti-Aging hgh-injection-1

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