Boost Testosterone with Leg Training

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on May 28th, 2024, Published on June 29th, 2023

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Boost Testosterone with Leg Training

When most people begin a weight-lifting regimen, they focus on their upper body. Men, in particular, strive mightily for bulging biceps and swollen pecs, so much that they sometimes resemble cantaloupe smugglers.

Even if aspiring muscle-builders work other parts of their upper body, they often neglect their legs. This is not an ideal workout strategy for two reasons.

First, by ignoring leg development, a weightlifter’s top-heavy body looks like a light bulb. But that’s not the only reason leg training must be added to the mix.

Leg training can increase testosterone production

That’s right. Legs are jammed-packed with muscle mass that dwarfs other body parts, and they are the foundation of strength and stability, not just for weight training but in everyday life as well. And intense leg workouts can ramp up testosterone levels.

Why testosterone is crucial to strength and good health

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for male characteristics like strength and muscle building. It also vaporizes fat, skyrockets energy levels, sharpens thinking, elevates mood, and awakens a long-slumbering libido.

Knowing this, who in their right mind would not want to increase their testosterone levels safely and healthily? Let’s dive in and see why weight training, especially legs, can deliver the above-mentioned benefits.

The key to muscle growth is to induce stress to the muscles and cause micro tears in the muscles, which leads to micro breakdowns in the muscle tissue. This process is not nearly as bad as it sounds. Muscles are not elastic; they don’t stretch and snap back.

Here is the thing to keep in mind. In its innate wisdom, the body recognizes what’s happening and sends out the alert for the repair squad to fix the tears and restore the muscles to a bigger and more robust version. This is called muscle restoration.

These micro-tears are not injuries. After an intense lifting session, you may feel a bit sore for a day or two. But here is the difference between a beneficial micro tear and a severe tear that requires medical attention and a break in training: a significant muscle injury will swell, ache sharply, and last more than a few days.

If this occurs, seek medical attention.

The proven path to getting bigger and stronger is to emphasize the basic lifts: Squats, leg presses, deadlifts, overhead lifts, and bench presses should be a main staple for anyone trying to pile on muscle mass since these exercises are compound movements that target several muscle groups at once.

For example, the bench press targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps; the overhear press hits the shoulders, traps, and triceps; squats target the quads and hamstrings; deadlifts hit the erector spinal muscles and several other back muscles; leg presses focus on the quadriceps and also hit the hamstrings.

Okay, so far so good. But how does this boost testosterone?

That is a good question. Here’s how. The above-mentioned exercises do not, by themselves, boost testosterone. But they do dramatically increase the amount of protein the muscle can synthesize, leading to hypertrophy (growth) of the muscle, indirectly elevating testosterone levels.

Protein is vital for muscle growth. It’s the building block of muscle. Myosin and actin are two protein filaments that comprise muscle tissue. These filaments interact with each other to produce muscle contractions.

Eventually, continued mechanical stress will impair their functioning, and they will need protein to refuel and get back to their roles of growing muscle and increasing strength.

One last reminder. Don’t overdo leg training at the expense of the rest of the body. Upper body exercises like curls can also boost testosterone, although not quite as much as compound leg movements. The key is balance. Every part of the body plays a role and should not be neglected.
Remember, it bears repeating that the legs are the foundation of strength and stability.

From everything to climbing stairs, walking, running, getting up from a chair, or getting out of bed, legs get it done. Legs are our balance and deserve to be an integral part of any workout routine.

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