Buying HGH Scams Versus Buying Real Injectable HGH

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on January 29th, 2024, Published on April 26th, 2021

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Not Buying HGH Via Scams and Others Things to Watch for Online -- Getting Legitimate Liquid HGH Online

Human growth hormone used for HGH injections comes in liquid form. Unfortunately, because the HGH molecule is a protein, it is very susceptible to temperature, specifically heat. The liquid vials need to be kept between 2-8 degrees Celsius or 35.6-46.4 degrees Fahrenheit all of the time. Even when kept between these temperatures, the potency will be reduced greatly after about two weeks.

However, if the solution contains polyethylene glycol, it may still be good for several months. If you have liquid HGH, please check with your doctor or the manufacturer regarding its shelf-life.

Buying HGH LegallyIn addition to heat, human growth hormone is also sensitive to strong and fast movements, like the shaking of the vial, which can actually break the chemical bonds holding the fragile molecule together.

It's doubtful that the liquid synthetic form of human growth hormone can be delivered via a standard postal worker because of it's fragility. This is the typical way that HGH would get to you, however, when ordered off of the Internet.

HGH is destroyed by several causes: storing it on dry ice which makes it too cold, overheating and shaking.

If you consider buying HGH off of the black market, which is DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMENDED at all, you will never know whether the liquid HGH was stored properly or if it's even still potent.

A better choice is from a pharmacy store (even online), a reliable dealer or, the best and most obvious choice, getting a prescription from a legitimate doctor or endocrinologist who will get you the freshest, most potent liquid HGH available.

HGH Sprays and HGH Pills = SCAM ALERT

Human growth hormone is actually a very large molecule, a protein, to be exact. It has a molecular weight of 20,000 Daltons which is quite large for a molecule. Since it is a protein, it is composed of amino acid building blocks. The links between the amino acids are what are so fragile and sensitive to temperature and shaking.

We produce synthetic growth hormone using human genetics, specifically recombinant DNA technology. This technology is still very expensive to perform. We cannot just take growth hormone from animals either. The only way to procure growth hormone is from recombinant DNA technology or, the old and icky method, from human cadavers.

And if you thought maybe you could get growth hormone from plants, you're not thinking straight. There's no way to extract anything like HGH from plants, just humans.

The best and safest way, recombinant DNA technology, involves splicing the genes of humans and meticulously inserting them into bacteria or mammalian embryonic cells. These cells are then grown in a culture medium and multiplied, so the amount of growth hormone is also multiplied and created by the bacteria or mammalian cells. This is the very basics of recombinant DNA technology.

The only way to get growth hormone into your body and to experience its effects is to inject it subcutaneously. The goal should be, by anyone looking to get HGH injections, is to visit a doctor and get a prescription for pharmaceutical grade human growth hormone. The only downside to this option is that this can be expensive.

No matter what anyone tells you, you cannot take HGH in pill or spray form (the sublingual route), because the molecule will just be broken apart in the stomach. Unfortunately, there are tons of websites out there touting the amazing benefits and ease of using sprays, powders, capsules, etc. These are ALL SCAMS.

What is amazing, but also very disappointing, is that advertisements for these sprays, powders and capsules can be found in major newspapers and magazines. And people are unfortunately falling for the scams.

None of the scientific facts are considered in the making and selling of these products and there should be legal repercussions against the sellers since they are making false claims.

And Now on to HGH Releasers

Another product on the market is known as an HGH releaser. The idea is that this product will cause your body to produce more human growth hormone. These releasers are typically made up of various amino acids, mostly L-arginine, and are usually given in sizable doses.

While it is true that L-arginine can increase the release of HGH, this increased release is only really seen in younger people -- and they have to take a rather large dose (about a teaspoon of the powder). In younger people, HGH will be increased by about 25%, but only temporarily. Younger men and women are already making adequate HGH by themselves (most average, healthy individuals anyway, who are not suffering from a deficiency) and they really do not need to make any more HGH. They are already capable.

For the people who really need increased HGH production, HGH releasers are not going to cut it. The people who really need it are older folks and folks who are suffering from HGH deficiency. If the desired effect is to stop premature or accelerated aging, the natural aging of an older person will hinder the tiny releasing effect.

HGH releasers are not specifically made to cause an increase in growth hormone production. They are just the amino acids of proteins. The increase of any growth hormone is just a byproduct of the absorption of the amino acids and it will affect some more than others. They are really nothing more than a concentrated protein powder. In addition to possibly increasing HGH release, they can also increase the production of adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) by the pituitary gland. ACTH in the bloodstream can increase cortisol production, or the stress hormone.

The stress hormone will actually accelerate aging but it does give you a momentary boost of energy and improved mental health. Because of this temporary boost, people and companies will talk of instantaneous "feel-good" effects from HGH releasers.

However, these effects are totally unrelated to human growth hormone production, and the production of cortisol might not be exactly what you want since cortisol can have deleterious effects on the body when chronically elevated.

HGH releasers can also mimic the effects of another hormone called ghrelin. Ghrelin is the hormone that tells us to eat, versus leptin, which tells us to stop eating.

Therefore, these releasers can increase our appetites and inadvertently cause weight gain. This is definitely not something that we want!

Want to hear another icky fact involving HGH? The companies selling HGH releasers will sometimes have an ingredient called "hypothalamus" or "pituitary" on their label. This literally means there are raw animal brains in the releaser. Yikes!

These companies believe that the raw animal brains contain a small amount of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GH-RH). This is the naturally occurring hormone that triggers the pituitary to release GH. What may not be well known is that raw brain tissue is the main cause of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, the human form of Mad Cow Disease. This is basically where your brain literally deteriorates, starting with memory loss, dementia and eventually death. Let's not, please! Avoid those HGH releasers!

Keep on the lookout for this kind of stuff in other products, such as glandular products that include freeze-dried brain or pituitary in their ingredient list.

Even if HGH releasers are affecting you in a positive way, these effects will start to fade out after just a few months. This gradual loss of effect is known as tachyphylaxis.

What You Need is Lyophilized Recombinant HGH

Instead of liquid HGH, or especially an HGH capsule, spray or releaser, is lyophilized growth hormone. This is when the HGH comes as a white, dry powder and will be reconstituted before injection. In powder form, the molecule is much more stable at room temperature. This means, it can more easily be delivered via mail. Just make sure it is coming from a legitimate source!

Since pure human growth hormone is rather expensive, there are lots of fake products out on the black market ready to dupe buyers. Don't fall for it!

Some websites will even be fake online pharmacies which are capable of charging your credit card, even offering "prescriptions" and when you do decide to buy from them, you will never get or hear anything back from them. They've gotten your money and are long gone. Some of these "pharmacies" may even just sell expired or poorly stored vials of HGH, neither of which will do you any good.

Unknown HGH Brands

As you can probably tell by now, manufacturing human growth hormone is not an easy task. This is not something that can be done by organic chemistry enthusiasts or someone who wants to make their own in the basement. The science behind it is just too complex.

Not only that, the equipment that is used costs manufacturers millions of dollars. Therefore, the only companies who can buy such equipment are the ones with established brand names and are recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or an equivalent type of organization if manufactured outside of the United States.


FTC Targets Bogus Anti-Aging Claims for Pills and Sprays Promising Human Growth Hormone Benefits

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