The Most Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Both Old and Young Men

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on January 19th, 2024, Published on January 23rd, 2021

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Testosterone is intrinsically linked to masculinity and male function. Without the masculine influence of Testosterone, the male body cannot function as it should.

Low-T is a severe medical malady that afflicts hundreds of thousands of men across America — but it doesn't have to be that way.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is more affordable and safer than ever and is available to men nationwide with a prescription. Our licensed Low-T and Hormone Clinic can help establish your clinical need for Bio-Identical Testosterone and get you started with quality Testosterone Products such as Axiron Gel, Testosterone Cypionate, or Testoderm Patches!

If you feel that Low-T may be hurting your quality of life, we can help! Our Licensed Endocrinologists and Hormone Specialists have extensive experience in the treatment of Testosterone Deficiency, along with many other forms of Hormone Imbalance, including Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, and can help you overcome your HRT issues with the help of Bio-Identical Hormones and other products designed to facilitate wellness and Hormone Balance!

Recognizing the Signs of Testosterone Deficiency

Age-Related Low-T is also called Andropause. Andropause is a chronic condition, meaning that you won't be able to achieve relief without the intervention of Testosterone Therapy or other HRT Products, which are designed to boost Testosterone safely.

You can positively influence Testosterone Production through diet, activity level, and lifestyle, but the older that you get, the fewer benefits that these efforts will produce, until they are borderline ineffective, necessitating HRT Intervention.

Testosterone Deficiency Causes Low Libido and Sexual Dysfunction

The most well-known symptom of Low-T is, of course, Low Libido. As men grow older and Testosterone Levels continue to fall, it leads to a decline in sex drive. Over time, this can lead to a near-total disinterest in sex.

On top of that, Testosterone both facilitates pleasure and orgasm, meaning that even if you can generate interest in your partner, you won't experience the same satisfaction that you did when you were younger, flush with Testosterone and sexual potency.

Low Libido has some severe implications. A healthy sex life is one of the cornerstones of a healthy and prosperous relationship, and if you can't satisfy your partner, it will have a tremendously negative impact on all forms of intimacy.

Though Testosterone Therapy is a future course of action, Sexual dysfunction caused by Testosterone Deficiency can also be mitigated by controlling stress, increasing activity level, losing weight, or otherwise improving your activity level as well as your self-image.

If your best efforts don't help you overcome your sexual woes, however, Prescription Testosterone can help!

Testosterone Diminishes Energy Levels and Negatively Impacts Body Composition

There's a reason why guys tend to look their best in their twenties. Hormone Balance is at its peak during young adulthood, and this helps keep the body operating at peak performance and looking in peak shape.

As Testosterone Production declines, the body slowly loses the ability to upkeep optimal body composition, and it also diminishes energy levels and exercise capacity, further exacerbating the issue.

In both men and women, Testosterone is integral at generating and maintaining muscle mass.

The reason why men are so much stronger than women and have a lower fat-muscle ratio is 100% because of elevated Testosterone Levels in men.

Testosterone is highly anabolic and promotes strength and muscle mass, and this increased muscle mass also leads to increased metabolism, which suppresses body fat.

As Testosterone Production falls, the male body both has trouble building new muscle and sustaining current muscle, diminishing strength; this also leads to an increased propensity to gain weight.

If you've been working out, but haven't noticed an increase in power, and especially if you've noticed a decline in your abilities, the root cause may very well be Testosterone Deficiency.

Testosterone also influences the aerobic capacity, meaning that if you find yourself getting tired more quickly, or getting winded in your day-to-day routine, you could be struggling with Low-T.

Especially among many older men, Testosterone Replacement Therapy can help you combat the exhaustion and frailty associated with aging.

Testosterone Deficiency Negatively Impacts Mental Health

Most people don't think about the psychological effects of Low-T, but they can be just as powerful as the physical effects of the condition.

Testosterone is strongly associated with many of the mental symptoms related to masculinity, including confidence and assertiveness. Andropause can lead to diminished feelings of control and self-worth, along with an increased incidence of anxiety. Low-T also contributes heavily to feelings of depression.

Research has shown that these psychological symptoms of Andropause are not merely because of a reaction to sexual and physical changes, but are quite apparently a result of the condition in and of itself. Men with Low-T are more prone to mood swings, as well as a generally reduced quality of life.

Testosterone is no replacement for psychological evaluation. Still, for patients with mild issues related to depression and diminished self-worth, Bio-Identical Testosterone has helped men across America feel better about themselves!

Testosterone Deficiency Depletes Bone Mineral Density

As we advance in age, it becomes more and more critical to preserve and protect bone health.

The older that we get, the harder that it becomes to maintain bone mass, which increases the risk of fractures and breaks.

Though Osteoporosis is more common among women, it is still a threat to men and should not be overlooked.

The reason why men have stronger bones than women is a direct result of their higher Testosterone Levels. If you've been experiencing issues with Low-T, Testosterone Therapy may be able to help you preserve your bone mineral density and help you overcome the threat of Osteoporosis and bone frailty.

Low-T Causes Trouble Sleeping

Testosterone and Sleep Quality have an intertwined relationship. If you've been having trouble sleeping, this can have a significant effect on your Testosterone Levels, as most Testosterone is produced while we are in a deep sleep.

There is some strong evidence that Testosterone Replacement Therapy can help some patients experience a better night's sleep, especially those that are clinically overweight. By improving muscle mass and diminishing body fat, men can sleep more soundly.

There is also clinical evidence that, even among men at a healthy weight, Testosterone can make it easier to sleep through the night and wake up full of energy. If you suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, it's essential to have your Testosterone Levels checked, because there is a strong correlation between the two conditions.

Concerned You May Be Suffering from Low-T? Strongly Consider Testosterone Replacement!

As you can clearly see, Andropause has a widespread and potentially devastating effect on male wellness. Low-T is correlated with an increased risk of a variety of health issues associated with its symptoms, including hypertension, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and more.

Don't let Testosterone Deficiency ruin your life. Our Hormone Specialists have over 15 years of experience treating Low-T and other forms of Hormone Imbalance. Our HRT Clinic offers services nationwide, and a free consultation is just a phone call away!


Low Testosterone: How Do You Know When Levels Are Too Low?

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