Improved Cholesterol Profile

Improved Cholesterol Profile

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While the term cholesterol is often associated with a negative connotation, that is not always the case. In fact, cholesterol is mainly categorized into two groups: the bad and the good cholesterol. Both forms of cholesterol are necessary for us to be healthy, but the modern world leads to a propensity to produce too much bad cholesterol and not enough good cholesterol.

Good cholesterol plays an important role in the body as this lipid substance acts as an outer lining of the cells. Our cells are surrounded with a phospholipid layer which allows the cell to control what enters the cell and what is allowed to leave the cell. Yes, cholesterol is not always unwanted in the body – the liver itself produces and removes this substance from the bloodstream.

Of course, there is a bad side to every good thing, especially if they are taken in at high levels. This is the where the bad cholesterol comes in. The liver is responsible for getting rid of the bad cholesterol that is present in the blood stream, also known as LDL Cholesterol. However, the liver processes bad cholesterol by using a special kind of protein called LDL receptors, present in the surface of the liver cells. It is the quantity of these special types of protein that determine how much and how fast bad cholesterol can be taken out from the bloodstream. Naturally, a low level of these LDL receptors in the body will result in an increase in the bad cholesterol present in the blood vessels.

Elevated LDL Levels are associated with a wide variety of conditions which impair health and impact longevity.


High Levels of Cholesterol and Its Effects

Nowadays, a lot of people suffer from a medical condition called hypercholesterolemia, which is characterized by the presence of high levels of cholesterol in the blood stream. Diet and genetics are said to be the most common causes for this condition although the former is pointed out as having the most important effect on the presence of cholesterol in the blood.

The modern American propensity toward overindulgence, along with increased sedentary lifestyle and the proliferation of fast food and processed food, have led to an epidemic of high cholesterol. Recommendations to reduce fat intake can typically help reduce blood cholesterol by about 10 to 15 percent, although those with extremely high levels of cholesterol may find that a change in diet is often insufficient and that medication may have to be required.

Human Growth Hormone Can Improve Cholesterol Profile

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that naturally occurs in high concentrations in the body when one is about 20 years old. However, as a person grows older, the quantity of this hormone decreases until there is only about 20 percent of its original quantity when one reaches the age of 60. Research suggests that healthy HGH Levels are associated with an improved cholesterol profile, and that men and women with HGH Deficiency are more likely to suffer from issues related to elevated cholesterol.

Recent studies have shown that HGH in the body can actually help in improving one’s cholesterol profile. Since most people experiencing high levels of cholesterol are those who are older, it has been recommended that they consider being tested for HGH Deficiency. If their bodies are unable to produce enough HGH to meet the needs of the body, Human Growth Hormone Injections can supplement that deficiency, and one of the benefits of treatment for many patients is improved Cholesterol Levels.

How Does HGH Improve Cholesterol Levels

Human Growth Hormone affects the cellular metabolism of liver cells. In particular, what HGH does in the body is that it helps in improving the condition of the liver cells, which could then help increase the amount of LDL receptors. This paves the way for an easier removal of blood cholesterol. By improving the filtration capacity of the liver, cholesterol levels are more easily controlled and maintained within normal levels.

HGH also helps in improving one’s energy levels so that a person becomes more active. Doing so would help burn more fat in the body as cholesterol is converted into energy at an increased rate. This prevents the build-up of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream.

HGH and You

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