Lowered Blood Pressure

Lowered Blood Pressure

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While not fatal in itself, hypertension or high blood pressure, are among the leading cause of worry for many people. Hypertension is a condition which increases the risk of a number of dangers associated with health, some of which are potentially fatal.

Blood pressure refers to the pressure on the blood vessel walls that are exerted by the blood being circulated around the body. It involves two measurements: the maximum (systolic) and the minimum (diastolic) pressure. In terms of these measurements, high blood pressure would mean that a person is having a systolic pressure of 140 or greater, or a diastolic pressure of 90 or higher. Ideally, a healthy circulatory system facilitates optimal blood flow and oxygenation without putting too much pressure on the cardiovascular system.

The Implications of Having High Blood Pressure

lowered-blood-pressure-sq-300x300There are generally two types of high blood pressure that is experienced by people: primary and secondary hypertension. By definition, the former refers to the form wherein no cause is identified while the latter refers to the form of hypertension caused by endocrine conditions, obesity and many other causes.

While about 90 to 95 percent of hypertensive patients find no identifiable cause for their chronic medical condition, it is said that factors such as stress, little to no level of physical activity, alcohol intake as well as consumption of fatty and salty foods are often the underlying cause. In this sense, primary hypertension is the result of a physiological ecosystem which directly leads to issues with blood pressure, with no individual factor being the root cause.

The Role of HGH in Hypertensive Patients

Recent studies have shown that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in the body actually works on these said relevant causes of high blood pressure. For one, it has been found that HGH helps in increasing a person’s energy level to help him or her become more active and thus burn more cholesterol and fat.

As HGH Injections increase energy level, motivation and capacity for physical activity, all three of these factors promote improved cardiovascular health, which includes improved blood pressure and potential relief from Hypertension.

There is some direct clinical evidence that suggests the direct mechanism by which Growth Hormone promotes healthier blood pressure. Research and investigation have shown that HGH can help in keeping and maintaining strong artery walls. This ensures that the blood vessels can dilate, or expand, when they need to such as during exercise when the heart has to pump faster in order to deliver more nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood in the body. If the blood vessels dilate properly, this reduces the stress on the heart which contributes to blood pressure. The heart pumps harder in order to ensure that sufficient oxygen reaches all parts of the body, and proper dilation allows the heart to pump more blood with less effort, which leads to a slower resting heart rate and improved potential longevity.

HGH for a Healthier You

Hypertensive patients, if not treated immediately, are at risk to many other illnesses, the most common of which are strokes and heart attacks. HGH can help cleanse the blood vessels to ensure that no cholesterol build-up or clots block the pathway of the blood. Thus, this would help in preventing the occurrence of a stroke or a heart attack since the delivery of nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood to the brain and back to the heart is always ensured.
In many cases, the combination of Injectable HGH Therapy and conscientious lifestyle changes even allow some patients to reduce their need for drugs which treat Hypertension. Of course, never change your activity level or start HGH without talking to a medical professional.

For more questions about the many health benefits of HGH, including its role in lowering blood pressure, feel free to contact the American HGH Clinics by filling out the contact form at the right of this page or give us a call at 1-800-688-9673. Get started with your co-created HGH therapy and live healthy!

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