Effects Of HGH On Skin

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on February 29th, 2024, Published on February 20th, 2022

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Human Growth Hormone is Plastic Surgery in a Vial!

At the Conscious Evolution Medical Institute, we are mainly concerned with the reversal of aging. We don't cover up problems, numb them, or apply makeup. We only use the greatest, most effective Hormone Replacement Therapy that will not only stop time but roll it back. HGH is what causes proteins to be created.

It causes the development of cells, division of cells, and growth of cells and causes tissue to be replaced.

When we get older, we have less HGH, and therefore the quality of the cells that we make drops too. It makes our skin age and look less beautiful. Less HGH means lower quality rejuvenation of cells and that causes a lower quality of the entire self including those tissues replaced.

Because of new advances in medicine with the creation and discovery of bio-Identical hormones (injected hormones which are the exact same as those in your body), it is now possible to restore the among of HGH that was in the body during our most vital years when the skin was beautiful and smooth.

No Blades. True Results!

HGH is the only treatment for aging that is known that can cause folks to actually appear younger. Lotions and creams that have antioxidants such as vitamins C, A, E, fruit acid, or retinoic acid that have been proven to eliminate lines do nothing about the sinking and sagging of the skin.

A good diet can help the pallor of the skin, weight lifting and aerobic exercise can produce a muscular and lean body, and antioxidants drop levels of radicals reacting freely in the body that cause disease and deterioration.

Even HRTs for testosterone and estrogen can bring back much of the body's vitality, but HGH is the only thing that can take ten years off the face.

Where Did My Young Skin Go?

The main proteins of skin are elastin and collagen, and these build a 3d matrix beneath the skin that helps hold the whole thing together beautifully. Over time, the production of elastin and collagen decreases, and their structure deteriorates and this causes that amazing matrix to deteriorate in its tight structure. This is how wrinkles and cracks show up.

Face-lifting with Human Growth Hormone

Those on Human Growth Hormone start to look younger after only three weeks of administration. It

HGH weight loss

When was the last time you had your blood tested?

makes the lines go away and the wrinkles soften while the whole face changes in physical composition in the same way that the composition of the body alters.

There is a decrease in fat and an increase in muscle, and puffy fat beneath the eyes goes away, and the muscles of the face that tighten the skin get stronger and firmer, and proteins get developed anew, rebuilding the old matrix.

Physical Rehab Through Hormones

HGH is as near as one can get to getting plastic surgery without going under the blade. Because one of the primary effects is the production of new proteins, HGH and IGF-1, its co-factor, ramp up the manufacture of proteins of the skin like elastin and collagen. The bounciness or turgor that is associated with youthful skin begins to fix wrinkles and lines as well.

The feet and hands look more youthful too. Dark spots of age fade and sometimes are completely eliminated. Because of this, veins show less, and turgor and skin moisture increase.

Baby's skin is just extraordinarily amazing. It is plump, smooth, and soft with an amazing amount of squish. The cause of this is that bodies are mostly water, this being 9/10s of its body weight.

When we are adults we are just sixty percent water, and when we get old we are only forty percent water as a percent of our total mass. Aging really does dry us out and squeezes the juice from us, leaving us with a puckered, desiccated, shriveled old face. This is how wrinkles show up and get worse and worse.

HGH brings the plum back from the prune through a newly noticed process known as the action of anti natriuretic helps water and sodium retention in the kidneys.

Reverse and Stop the Drying of Skin

The wrinkles are really filled up. Water-retention, or the inability to do so, is a direct cause of facial wrinkles and even those wrinkles of the body.

It is possible to not only make the appearance of wrinkles go away, but it also makes the existence and composition of wrinkles reverse. You should give us a call and start looking more young right away.

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