Streamline Your Strength Training to Improve Hormone Balance and Gains

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on June 9th, 2024, Published on March 23rd, 2021

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Strength Training

Almost every one could improve themselves in the gym, especially in terms of strength or weight training, in terms of form and routines. In addition, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding strength training and gym life in general. If you are sweating and “feeling the burn” while doing your workout routine, this is a good sign that you’re doing great and getting results, but it’s not the only or best sign of an effective workout.

Some men also assume that if they’re barely walking after leg day or have shaky arms or muscles, this means they achieved their goal but this isn’t always true. It could even mean that you pushed yourself too hard and are not engaging in the most efficient or streamlined routine. Indeed, you do not need to totally kill yourself during a weight lifting routine or experience pain in order to see results. It doesn’t have to be all suffering!

Trembling Muscles May Mean You Worked Too Hard and Need a Rest Period

Every athlete and weight lifter needs rest. This is when the body rebuilds itself and builds the desired muscle and strength. For people who are focusing on strength and consistently lifting heavier and heavier weights, it may mean that you need to deload for a week and have a rest period. This usually will have you come back even stronger.

Shaky muscles may also mean that you just need to take it slow in-between sets. Take more time to rest between sets – this doesn’t mean you need to lower the weight. The nervous system can only handle so much stress and compression. If you push yourself too far, your muscles will become too fatigued to continue. The heavier the weight, the more time you’ll need between sets to rest. There is zero shame in doing this! The lighter the weight, the less rest time you’ll need and your body recovers quicker.

So, if you’re experiencing quaking muscles, carefully evaluate your routine and whether it might be time for a break or deload, or perhaps just more rest time between sets. Look at the weights and the time between sets. The goal is to do more sets and reps at a certain weight, then eventually increase it. The time in-between sets will steadily decline as you build strength and can handle the weight. You’ll see that the heavier sets come in time.

Another thing to keep in mind is form. Form is so important to strength training and weight lifting in general because bad form eventually will lead to injury and keeping proper form ensures that you’re hitting the targeted muscles most effectively as well. The ideal situation is that you can keep your form all through the entire set, but only just. You do not want to surpass that limit, especially early on in the routine. If so, this means the weight is too heavy for you. Lower the amount of weight and improve your form. No shame here. Keep adequate rest periods in your routine and maintain a steady pace.

Weight Training Stimulates the Endocrine System

Hormones play a serious role in muscle development and strength improvement. You want a program that works the muscles in a way that also stimulates the release of hormones that are necessary to build strength. These hormones include testosterone, human growth hormone (HGH) and IGF-1. When you engage in anaerobic exercise (short exertion and high-intensity, which includes heavy weight lifting), these hormones are produced. You want to push your muscles to work under a feasible amount of weight without totally overexerting yourself.

When you find this optimal routine, large amounts of those top three hormones previously mentioned will be released. They aid the body in dealing with the fatigue and pressure being put on the muscles and joints as well. In fact, testosterone stimulates the expansion of fresh neurotransmitters which improves signaling between the muscle cells. Both HGH and IGF-1 give much needed energy to the cells of the muscles and also assist with muscle rebuilding and repair, which is what is necessary in order to improve strength and build bigger muscles.

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