HGH and Bodybuilding

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Published on November 30th, 2017

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It is illegal to use Human Growth Hormone for bodybuilding or sports performance enhancement.

However, many people are buying HGH on the black market for these purposes with growing popularity amongst athletes, Olympians, and Hollywood actors.


Bodybuilders have long known (even if illegal for this purpose) that growth hormone (GH), a polypeptide hormone secreted in a burst-like manner from the anterior pituitary gland, is enormously important to the growth, development and rejuvenation process of muscle tissue.

The following are several reasons why many bodybuilders use HGH:

1. Increased protein synthesis
2. Increases utilization of fatty acids
3. Increases amino acid transport across cell membranes
4. Increases lipolysis (fat breakdown)
5. Increases availability of glucose and amino acids
6. Increases collagen synthesis
7. Stimulates cartilage growth
8. Increases retention of nitrogen, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus

HGH and Recovery Time

Many people have reported excellent recovery time when using Human Growth Hormone and exercising intensely.

HGH is very popular among bodybuilders and professional athletes because it significantly improves muscle strength and endurance.

HGH also helps to increase the metabolism, promote fat burning, the regeneration of muscles, bones, ligaments, joints, skin, brain cells and organs.

HGH Athletes and Controversy

There is a lot of discussion in the U.S. Congress over HGH because many professional athletes are using HGH to gain an advantage over competitors.

Athletes who have admitted to using HGH are banned or suspended from sports.


HGH is used by people with HIV / AIDS to help overcome muscle wasting and degeneration of body parts.

More documentation and research is coming out confirming the positive and regenerative results of using HGH for HGH patients.

Positive Results from HGH for Men and Women

Males and females over the age of 35 who have used HGH for genuine medical purposes have reported increased muscle strength and a loss of fat -- especially around the waistline.

Do not ask a legitimate doctor for HGH because you want it for bodybuilding. HGH is forbidden for use in competition.

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