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Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on May 12th, 2023, Published on April 20th, 2020

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The Advantages of Replacing HGH Growth Hormone with injections or Prescription HGH Growth Hormone Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy Program Benefits.

HGH Prescription HGH Growth Hormone Growth Hormone - although very controversial - is considered by some scientists, doctors and researchers to be one of the single most important protein / hormones in human development, health, regeneration, wellness and longevity. A growing number of anti-aging, longevity and cell regeneration doctors swear by HGH Growth Hormone and most of the research coming out supports some of the positive claims.

Benefits of HGH Growth Hormone Human Growth Hormone

Clinical evidence and recent medical research clearly demonstrate that by replacing HGH Prescription HGH Growth Hormone Growth Hormone in IGF-1 deficient adults, one can significantly eliminate or decrease premature aging symptoms, reverse the biological effects of aging, reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, strengthen the immune system, improve sexual performance, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, restore hair color and growth, increase bone strength and density, strengthen the heart, regenerate organs and increase energy.

There is no other substance like Prescription HGH Growth Hormone Growth Hormone known to medical science that has such extensive and well documented ability to deter and reverse the aging process.

The famous actor who played Rocky and Rambo, Mr. Sylvester Stallone, a man who is in his 60's but looks like a 37 year old athlete stated he believed HGH Growth Hormone would be sold over the counter in 10 years and swears by its use. So does Susan Summers the sexy blonde actress from three's company.

Human Growth Hormone Research

Growth Hormone Statisitcs gathered and collected by Edmund Chein and Dr.Terry concerning patients who have been provided HGH Growth Hormone therapy and treated at the Palm Springs Life Extension Institute with Growth Hormone, the documented results from the collection of data from these HGH Growth Hormone therapies is provided here...

The collected Prescription HGH Growth Hormone Growth Hormone from this study were derived from randomly selected, self-assessment questionnaires completed by over 200+ patients during the term of their therapy programs between the years of 1994 and 1996. In general the Human Growth Hormone research and information study showed improvements of the patients Prescription HGH Growth Hormone Growth Hormone Hgh Therapy were reported to occur within one to three months from the day Prescription HGH Growth Hormone Growth Hormone Hgh therapy begins with a tendency of the Prescription HGH Growth Hormone Growth Hormone therapy to continue improving over six months of the treatment. Other Human Growth Hormone HGH Growth Hormone research and information studies have established that as the body's own Prescription HGH Growth Hormone Growth Hormone Hgh releasing patterns are more closely mimicked, so results from therapy become more profound and side effects are minimized.

HGH Research and Information to Strength, Exercise, & Body Fat

showed an 88% increase in muscle strength
showed an 81% increase in muscle size
showed an 72% improvement in body fat loss
showed an 81% improvement in exercise tolerance
showed an 83% improvement in exercise endurance

HGH Research and Information to Skin & Hair

showed a 71% improvement in skin texture
showed a 68% improvement in skin thickness
showed a 71% improvement in skin elasticity
showed a 51% improvement on wrinkle disappearance
showed a 38% improvement towards new hair growth

HGH Research and Information on Healing, Flexibilty, & Resistance

showed a 55% improvement of healing old injuries
showed a 61% improvement of healing other injuries
showed a 71% improvement on healing capacity
showed a 53% improvement on back flexibility
showed a 73% improvement on resistance to common illness

HGH Research and Information on Sexual Function

showed a 75% improvement in sexual potency / frequency
showed a 62% improvement in the duration of penile erection
showed a 57% improvement on frequency of nighttime urination
showed a 58% improvement on hot flashes
showed a 38% improvement on menstrual cycle regulation

HGH Research and Information on Energy, Emotions, & Memory

showed a 84% improvement in energy levels
showed a 67% improvement on emotional stabiltiy
showed a 78% improvement on attitude towards life
showed a 62% improvement in memory

Learn More on HGH Growth Hormone Research and Therapy>>

HGH Human Growth Homone research
and information study by:
L Cass Terry, M.D., Ph.D. and Edmund Chein, M.D
Medical College of Wisconsin and Palm Springs
Life Extension Institute

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