How HGH and Testosterone Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Life

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Published on December 2nd, 2017

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Improving Your Life for the Better with Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone

How to Recognize If You Are a Victim of HGH Deficiency or Andropause, and What You Can Do to Overcome Hormone Imbalance and Deficiency

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Aging is one of the most harrowing experiences in life because it is entirely unavoidable. There's nothing you can do to live forever — at least not yet. Odds are, you've thought about the steps that you should take to maximize the years that you have left, or even extend your lifespan, whether it be through adopting new habits or letting go of old ones. What if there was a therapeutic way that you could amplify your wellness? What if there was something that you could do to turn back the clock?

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is one of the many modern tools at our disposal that can revolutionize life-extension treatment and help patients live longer and healthier lives. In many ways, Hormone Optimization is still in its infancy, but that doesn't mean that there aren't already large ways that you can benefit.

We represent a board-certified HRT Clinic that specializes in providing 21st Century wellness plans to patients 30 years and older. We recognize that hormone balance is the key to maintaining a life full of energy and vitality, and it is our pleasure and duty to help our patients relieve hormone imbalance to potentially live a longer and fuller life.

Signs that Hormone Replacement Could Replenish Your Vitality and Potency

This is for all the guys out there. Do you feel that your energy has been lacking in recent months or years? Does it feel as if there's something unexplainable slowly leeching your strength? Do you work harder than ever to achieve less and less in the gym? Do these changes correspond with dissatisfaction in the bedroom? Are stress and anxiety weighing down on your shoulders needlessly? These are clear signs that hormone imbalance is making a mess of your life. These symptoms are strongly associated with age-related Testosterone Deficiency or Andropause.

Another form of hormone imbalance that has a dangerous effect on the wellness of both men and women alike is Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. For men, it is quite common for HGH Deficiency and Low-T to become significant health issues during the latter part of middle age. Some unlucky guys may even experience these problems in their thirties.

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance and Deficiency

Have you had trouble sleeping recently? Do you find yourself under the weather too often, both regarding duration and frequency? Is it getting harder to pay attention and recall past experiences? Does strenuous physical activity inflame your joints or otherwise leave you feeling in pain for days? Do you feel like your quality of life has dived, like you're in an ongoing slump? These are strong signs of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Of course, HGH Deficiency and Testosterone Deficiency share many common symptoms. Both have a substantial effect on muscle mass, strength, body fat, and energy level. When Human Growth Hormone Deficiency and Andropause suppresses a man's vitality simultaneously, it can have a devastating impact on wellness. Hormone Replacement Therapy has helped hundreds of thousands of males across America live better and happier lives. Could you be the next person whose life is changed by the power of hormone restoration?

Hormone imbalance is complex and multifaceted. No one man will experience Hormone Deficiency in the same way. It's also true that these hormonal issues share characteristics with other medical problems. When considering whether you can benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy, think about how many of these symptoms are impacting your life. The more signs that you are experiencing from the above list, the more likely that declining hormone levels are having a suppressive impact on your wellness.

Though both HGH Deficiency and Low-T share many of the same underlying symptoms (because both have a dramatic effect on your primary metabolism and anabolic processes), Testosterone has a more notable impact on sexual health. If your inability to maintain an erection and generate desire for your partner is inhibiting your quality of life, Low-T is one of the top two causes of erectile dysfunction and sexual insufficiency.

Stop Right Now — Think About Your Life!

Take a moment to reflect on your life, on the changes in your health and wellness that have occurred over the last six months to five years. How many of the above symptoms apply to you? If you feel that we've been describing your life and your struggle, we encourage you to give us a call for a free consultation.

It's easy just to stay the course and neglect to make meaningful changes in your life. Understand that ignoring your metabolic problems won't make them go away and that without HRT intervention, your issues with Hormone imbalance will become worse, and your problems will eventually become impossible to ignore.

How Do Hormones Keep Us Healthy?

The simple fact is that Human Growth Hormone is the tool that your body uses to keep up with the hefty demands of rehabilitation and rejuvenation. When HGH production falls beneath a certain point, your body can only do so much to prepare you for the coming day, and the body starts to drop into a state of enhanced deterioration. Testosterone preserves healthy body composition and retains the strength of the muscles, skeleton and cardiovascular system. Testosterone Deficiency does more than just eradicate your sexual desire -- it puts you more at risk of a range of dire health issues including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, stroke and more.

What Happens to Hormones When We Get Older?


For reasons that we can only ponder, optimal Testosterone and HGH production are on a timer. Our bodies are designed to produce the ideal levels of Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone during our late teens and through the twenties. It's hypothesized that this is because this was the prime era during which we could bear and raise children during prehistoric times. Life expectancies were much shorter, and it was more important to humanity to continue the bloodline than to optimize for longevity.

Beginning around age 30, our brains slowly draw down the production of vital age-related hormones like Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone, like slowly turning off a faucet. In men, both hormones see a similarly-paced decline. Those that drink too much, eat poorly, smoke or engage in an overly sedentary lifestyle will experience even more significant decreases in hormone production, though these issues can be lessened through the adoption of improved habits. Even for the healthiest people, by 80 years old HGH levels fall to around 5% of the Human Growth Hormone circulating when they were 20 years old!

Replenish Youthful Hormones with HRT Therapy!

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Of course, you don't have to resign your body and mind to the health issues associated with hormone imbalance and deficiency. Trustworthy, experienced and knowledgeable Hormone Doctors are standing by to help you take the steps necessary to get prescription hormones for Somatopause and Andropause. It will likely be years before Hormone Optimization becomes a routine aspect of health maintenance for men and women of all ages, but there's no reason you can't get ahead of the curve! Our Hormone Specialists have extensive training in Endocrinology, Urology and Anti-Aging medicine. Let them help you brighten up your golden years!

Our HRT Clinic accepts patients of at least 30 years of age. We provide prescription Hormone Treatments to patients that we have determined have a clinical need for HRT therapy. We focus on restoring healthy hormone balance so that you can live a better life.

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