How to Detect HGH Scams

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on March 14th, 2024, Published on August 12th, 2022

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There are many, many people who legitimately need HGH injections. People who have adult-onset HGH deficiency. People who are suffering from weakness, constant fatigue, sexual dysfunction, premature aging, and a generally low quality of life. It is a tragedy when such people get scammed instead of receiving the help they need.

There are also some people who suffer from similar symptoms, but with different causes. They do not have an HGH deficiency. It is a tragedy when such people are victimized by HGH scammers, and so do not receive the treatment they really need.

Scam red flag #1: The company does not insist on a test to determine if your HGH levels are low or not. This is perhaps the most obvious clue that could indicate a scam. The most basic and most necessary thing of all is insisting on knowing – really knowing – if the patient’s HGH levels are low or not. That is why our clinic, as a mandatory first step, engages the services of the most respected medical labs in the nation to test the HGH levels in your bloodstream. If your HGH levels are normal, then you must investigate further to determine the cause or causes of your symptoms. If your HGH levels indicate you are suffering from adult-onset HGH deficiency, our doctors will custom-design a program just for you to restore you to youthful health, strength, and vitality. But this cannot be done without the first step – the test. Any HGH “provider” who skips this step is not legitimate and just wants to take your money and cannot possibly care about or optimize your health.

Scam red flag #2: Illegal imported HGH. If a company claims to be able to get you HGH without a prescription, beware. There is no way to determine if the “HGH” you’ll be buying from them is safe. There’s no way to determine if it contains harmful additives or fillers which could make you sick. In fact, there’s no way to be sure that it’s even HGH at all. Plus, both you and the company will be breaking US law and could be subject to arrest and punishment. The prescription and purity laws are there for very good reasons – the most important reason being your safety. Our clinic sources only pure, FDA-approved, and legitimate US-origin HGH, in exactly the right amounts to supercharge your strength and get you feeling better than ever again – without the terrible risks of under-the-counter illegal imports.

Scam red flag #3: No physicians or non-board-certified physicians. If the company in question does not have you see a legitimate doctor – watch out! The “staff” of such sketchy firms (who are constantly going out of business after being caught hurting customers or fleeing the authorities) consist only of salesmen who know nothing about optimizing health and who care only about selling you as much “product” as they can. Our clinic has you seeing board-certified physicians, the best in the business who have to pass ongoing certification tests to make sure that they are up-to-date on the latest scientific knowledge, doctors whose whole career is based on getting you your health and life back, and who will be there for you for the long haul.

Scam red flag #4: “HGH boosters” or “stimulators.” Even after being caught red-handed, some of these scammers try to stay in business by switching from selling you dangerous illegally-sourced HGH to selling you “HGH boosters” or “stimulators” which claim to “supercharge” your body’s own production of HGH without being or even containing HGH at all. The scammers will use product names and language which suggest that the products contain HGH, without actually coming out and saying that they do. Usually, these products are just ordinary vitamins or minerals – mostly filler – with the price boosted by many hundreds of percent. They do nothing or next to nothing good for your health, and – by getting you to delay getting a real HGH prescription – they may do incalculable harm. Think about it: Should you trust your health and your life to someone who, right from the get-go, is trying to deceive you about what they’re selling. Our clinic offers only real, legally-sourced HGH, prescribed to you after determining exactly what your body needs for perfect health and restored vigor. You deserve nothing less.

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