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Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on May 13th, 2024, Published on November 10th, 2020

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At last! A revolution in longevity, health, and astonishing medical discoveries is happening RIGHT NOW…and you are invited to join.

Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy (HGH-RT)

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You may have discovered our website by search engine…or a recommendation from one of our satisfied clients…or your personal physician…or a link from another site.

Regardless, you're here.

And if you have been anxiously searching for the keys to a much longer life, without the pain, maladies, and the seemingly inevitable degeneration that premature aging brings…if you are excited by the amazing breakthroughs in the fields of anti-aging and integrative medicine…then this is the opportunity you have been dreaming about.

Join the HRT Revolution

Maybe you've heard about Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy (HGH-RT) but were unsure of how to go about doing it correctly, conveniently, and safely.

Our years of experience are at your service to make sure you receive the absolute best, premium, first-class service in the world. Here's a brief guide to how we operate…and why we are the team you need to join.


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Our Anti-Aging clinics are located in all 50 states and U.S. territories for your convenience.

No matter where you are, we are there for you — no more time-consuming, inconvenient, long-distance journeys. The odds are that many of our nationwide network physicians are located close to you, maybe no more than an hour away.

It is also very likely that a Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp is located very close to or in your hometown.

Once you visit our Anti-Aging clinic for an initial consultation, a blood draw and battery of blood tests are necessary to look at your current hormone concentrations. Don't worry; the blood test doesn't take long at all.

Our Staff

All of our physicians who are members of our nationwide network are carefully screened. They have completed rigorous training in the most modern techniques of Life Extension and Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Also, they are required to enroll in continuing education to remain fully certified in Hormone Replacement Therapy Prescription.

In fact, we are proud to state that all members of our network have at least ten years of Hormone Replacement Therapy, Cell Regeneration, Integrative Medicine, Longevity, and Anti-Aging professional experience.

They are also members of the Better Business Bureau.

Finally, all of our physicians are members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

This organization provides Food and Drug Administration (FDA) -approved Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies, including Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone therapy, as well as Integrative Medical programs that combat the hormonal deficiencies that cause premature aging.

What This Means to You

You will work closely with a highly-trained and experienced physician, who can tailor-make a Hormone Replacement Therapy program that is specifically designed just for you!

We have no "cookie-cutter," one-size-fits-all regimens that you may have experienced elsewhere. We are different. How?

Because we begin by listening to you, and then looking at your unique situation with a magnifying glass and thoroughly discussing the treatment options available to you. Then, and only then, do we proceed.

We do this by creating a custom Hormone Replacement Therapy plan, Human Growth Hormone administration or a Testosterone Treatment Therapy that is developed for you…and just for you. We have total confidence that we can provide the blueprint for your success.

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy for You?

human growth hormone for men and women

Are you over 30 years of age? Does the slightest physical exertion like climbing the stairs leave you short of breath?

Do you feel like you have lost a step or two, and, as a result, are you reluctant to play any type of sport? Do you no longer have the same animal sex drive that made your youth so heart-skipping exciting?

Are you having trouble remembering routine, everyday things that never used to be a problem? Are you having trouble falling asleep, and wake up regularly, so that you never get the deep, restorative sleep that you so desperately need? Does it take longer and longer amounts of time to recover from minor illness and injuries?

If the answer to any of these questions is "YES," then stop complaining about it! Do something about it. Give us the chance to push these problems out of your life…and let you get back to the way you used to feel.

You deserve better than this. Now is the time to let us show you the path to health, pain-free longevity, and youthful exuberance.

Your First Step

After you have contacted us and set up your initial consultation, we have a direct, detailed discussion with one of our experienced anti-aging specialists.

This allows us to understand your individual situation fully. Also, we encourage you to ask questions about everything and anything that pertains to our methods and treatments.

We guarantee that you will be thoroughly informed as to your Hormone Replacement Therapy.

We will arrange for a full physical and diagnostic blood test. The blood work will be rushed by Federal Express (FedEx) via overnight delivery to LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics.

Both of these clinical laboratories are experienced, professional, and highly efficient companies.

The technicians will spend the next few days going over your blood sample from every possible angle. They will then send us a four-page analysis of both your blood work and your physical exam.

We will also need your detailed medical history. Once we have all of this information, our anti-aging medical doctor will discuss with you these results and design a course of action. As mentioned earlier, this course of action will be designed specifically for you…to produce the results you desire.

This is what our anti-aging physicians have a passion for doing…and doing it professionally, legally, safely, and effectively.

This program is not limited solely to our Hormone Replacement Therapy. We take a holistic approach and offer programs of exercise, nutrition, and supplements that are specifically designed for you.

We don't believe in a hit-or-miss approach -- there is no guesswork involved in our programs. From optimal nutrition and supplements to a comprehensive fitness program designed to complement your current physical condition, we leave no stone unturned to make sure you will succeed!

Our HRT Therapy is Both Legal and Ethical


If you have any concerns about the legality of our treatments, please remember that our physicians are licensed, and our procedures are FDA approved.

It is illegal in the United States to provide Hormone Replacement Therapy for the sole purpose of improved athletic performance.

This is not what we do here. Our goal is to restore your hormones to what they were when you were younger, not prepare you for a career as a professional athlete.

There is nothing illegal or unethical about our treatments. Quite simply, we view premature aging as a disease, and we are treating that disease.

Nothing more, nothing less. There is nothing, absolutely nothing unethical about being as healthy as you can be.

Okay, I'm Convinced…But Can I Afford HRT Therapy?

As with many new technological and medical developments, scientific advances tend to reduce costs over time.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is no different. In the past decade, the price of HRT has dropped dramatically and is well within the budget of just about anyone who desires our treatment.

Additionally, we offer several different payment options, including easy monthly installments. We guarantee you will not be hit with the usually hidden fees or "closing costs."

We pride ourselves on our flexible terms, and we will go out of our way to work with you. So please do not let finance get in the way.

But perhaps the question of "can I afford HRT treatment?" is wrong. Maybe a better question is "can I afford NOT to get HRT treatment?" Just listen to the words of one of our satisfied clients:

"What I can't afford is to be laying on my back on a hospital gurney, with a bright light above me, and a surgeon sharpening his tools. What I can't afford is to be stuck in a nursing home, needing help to perform the simplest daily functions like getting out of bed, bathing and walking. What I can't afford is to allow brain fog to take over my mind, to the point that I can't recognize my loved ones. When I think about these things, the cost of your treatments is indeed miniscule."

So, the choice is yours. Pay us a small amount now, or pay someone else a far greater number later. Call us today for pricing options.

The Time for Action is NOW!


There is an ancient cliché: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This can, of course, apply to any and all areas of your life.

But it is particularly the case concerning your health. Your good health is your greatest wealth. You owe it to your family that cares about you so much…your friends who value your companionship…your employer and clients…and above all, yourself.

If there was ever a time for taking action, that time is NOW!

It is so easy to procrastinate…to say that you'll get at it later…and ignore these nagging symptoms that were mentioned earlier, in the hope that they will somehow mysteriously disappear (guess what -- they won't).

Our contemporary society is filled with distractions, entertainment, and commitments that keep our minds on what is directly in front of us now, and we may forget about the distant future. It has never been so easy to delay and put off doing what's really important.

Unfortunately, this plays right into the hands of "old man aging," and his debilitating and degrading maladies. He's happy when you do nothing since that makes his job much easier.

But it doesn't have to be like that. By taking action now, you can go on the offensive against premature aging.

In previous times, kings, queens, and other types of royalty and rulers would have gladly given their fortunes for what is available to you. For the first time in history, the battle against aging has taken a dramatic, exciting turn…in our favor!

But none of this will matter if you don't contact us. We have over 9,000 success stories from clients who contacted us and took action.

They regained their youthfulness…their zest for life…watched in delighted shock as they felt their energy levels explode…and for many, it was the first time in decades that they felt alive…truly alive. We would love to see you become success story 9,001.

But the only way that's going to happen is if you take action, and take it now.

Don't delay, or waste another minute in useless daydreaming. Call us today!


Benefits of Human Growth Hormone, Including More Muscle & Less Fat

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