Human Growth Hormone for Body Sculpting

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Published on January 2nd, 2019

Human Growth Hormone for Body Sculpting
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Has Getting Older Depleted Your Muscle Mass Significantly?

Are You Anxious to Watch the Fat Melt Away?

Like to Swiftly Recover from a Grueling Workout Without Intense, Debilitating Pain?

GREAT! Human Growth Hormone is the Answer to Your Dreams!

Growth Hormone. What a name. Nothing else has to be added. Recently, a breakthrough has burst upon the scene: Injectable Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy (HGH-RT). This miracle substance has shown the ability to:

  • More efficiently synthesize protein

  • Break down fatty acids and skyrocket energy levels

  • Recover from the toughest workouts quickly and without the debilitating pain afterward

  • Load up bones with calcium, giving them a steel-like ability to resist trauma

  • Strengthen the immune system. Less sickness = more workouts

  • And it does all of this safely!

How Injectable HGH Delivers on These Promises

New proteins are created in the body by a process known as protein synthesis. Protein is first and foremost a builder of muscle mass. When you eat protein, your digestive system immediately swings into action. It releases acids to digest the food, and with protein, the digestive system releases an enzyme called pepsin.

Acid digests the protein, and pepsin whittles the protein into small peptides, which are the building blocks of amino acids.

Amino acids, in turn, are the building blocks of protein, which builds muscle.

HGH enters the picture by speeding up protein synthesis, which means more muscle growth, quicker.

Hormone balance is so crucial in determining our body shape.

When we have too little Growth Hormone, we gain weight. Here's why. Fat cells have Growth Hormone receptors. Growth Hormone forces them to break down triglycerides and stop accumulating lipids (small molecules).

Lipids are then released and used for energy. This also causes the fat cells to shrink. More Growth Hormone = more energy and less fat.

Growth Hormone dramatically boosts the production of muscle collagen.

This alone does not increase muscular size and strength. However, it does "set the table" and create the environment for muscles to grow stronger and recover quicker.

Calcium has long been known to build strong bones: the more calcium that gets into our bones, the better. Growth Hormone handles that task by increasing protein synthesis, which enables the body to absorb calcium far more efficiently.

The result? Bones of steel!

Aging is a disease that affects us in many ways -- none of them good. One of aging's insidious surprises is a weakening of our immune system. Think about it. Younger people get sick far less than the elderly -- and recover far quicker. With youthful HGH energizing your system, sickness is a rare occurrence -- and a much shorter event than without HGH.

And HGH Works for Women Too!

Many women are as excited as many men when it comes to HGH. They understand the benefits and are anxious to give HGH a try. But there is a lingering concern: "Will I get too big and bulky if I lift weights and try HGH?" In a word, no.

The overwhelming majority of women (99.9%) just do not have the genetics and hormones to develop bulging muscles -- HGH or no HGH. But HGH will pump up your energy, increase your strength and give your bones iron-clad protection from osteoporosis.

The takeaway? HGH works wonders for everyone -- regardless of gender.

HGH is Safe

Remember this: HGH is natural. This does not, of course, make it perfectly harmless. If HGH is abused, bones and organs can grow larger than intended.

Also, HGH causes cells to grow and increase in volume. This can cause cancer cells to grow as well as healthy ones.

However, under the expert guidance of our medical professionals, these risks are eliminated. You will be given precise instructions on dosage, as well as cycling.

More important, your blood will be continually tested to make sure that there are no complications, as well as gauging the effectiveness of the dosage.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is left to chance.

While on the subject of safety, here is another fact: there has not been one confirmed death due to HGH.

When compared to other risky substances that some athletes ingest (steroids, diuretics, insulin), HGH is far less dangerous. This would be true even if you were using it unsupervised. But under our supervision, the risks are even less -- far less.

Go ahead. Make us prove what we promise. The benefits are off-the-chart.

The risks are minimal and controlled. Our staff is well-trained and experienced. Our products are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved.

Now, the only thing left for you to do is contact us. None of these benefits are possible until you take action. So call today for a free, no-obligation medical consultation.


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