My Doctor Told Me I Was Dying

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on February 2nd, 2024, Published on July 8th, 2022

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My name’s Dean. When my family doctor told me I was dying, my jaw dropped to the floor. You can imagine how I felt.

Yeah, I was past middle age, but up until a year or two ago I was strong and active and looking forward to decades of fulfilling life.

Then things changed. I suddenly started to feel fatigued all the time. I never wanted to go out. My list of things I was going to do got longer and longer and none of them ever got done.

My get up and go had got up and went. I wasn’t lean and hungry anymore. I was flabby. Weak. And being intimate with my significant other? That had dropped off like a rock. As they say in New York, fuggedaboudit.

So, I went to see my doctor. He checked all the usual things. No infections, no diseases, he said.

I was suffering from quite a bit of sarcopenia, he told me – but that’s not actually an infectious disease, he said, but just a word that “describes the muscle loss and weakness associated with old age.”

“Old age? Heck, doc, I’m only 72!”

“It happens earlier in some people than others. Muscle loss and wasting away can come as early as 50 for some men, as late as their 90s – or even never – for some lucky ones. You just happen to be seeing it now. And there’s not much you can do about it. Exercise as much as you can, make sure your diet is good, and you can slow the loss.”

“Slow the loss? Come on, I want to do more than that! I want to reverse it.” (I was afraid to tell him that, at that point in my life, anything with the word exercise in it was pretty hopeless for me. I could just barely muster enough energy to get out of bed, run to the bathroom, and totter over to the breakfast table. Exercise? Forget it!)

What I wanted was a magic pill to make me my old self again. He said that wasn’t possible. Once the wasting started, it’s just an “old age,” “natural causes” kind of thing.

Slowing the loss down was the best you could do. “You’re basically dying,” he said. “You can still have some years of reasonably enjoyable life, Dean. But once this starts, it will reach its inevitable end.”

Damn! This made me angry. I refused to accept it. I felt bad, sure. I felt weaker than I had in years. But “wasting away” forever? Just waiting for the inevitable end? No way. A little piece of my old self was brought out that day, and for that, I can thank my family doctor. Because he made me angry – and being angry made me willing to fight for my life.

I started doing my own research. And, with the eager help of my wife, I found out that some people with my exact systems are suffering from a hormone deficiency – insufficient human growth hormone (also called HGH) to be exact. For some of us, the level of HGH in the blood is way too low for our age.

That can cause the terrible fatigue and loss of energy and muscle loss I was experiencing. It can make you look and feel a lot older than you really are. I found out about the clinic that runs this Web site and got myself tested there: And the results showed I was suffering from an HGH deficiency.

The board-certified physicians at the clinic then designed a custom program based on my test results – and, after being on the program for about nine months, all I can say is wow!

I got my life back! I feel like I’m 35 again. Everyone notices the difference, especially my wife. I’m more active than I was 30 years ago – sports, work, outdoor fun, workouts, and lovemaking all included.

Do yourself a favor: It costs very little to get tested. Family doctors are rarely trained in hormone deficiency amelioration.

If your symptoms are like mine, you really ought to find out if you can benefit as I did.

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