The Baby Boomer Dilemma — To Use, or Not to Use, HGH to Fix Your Lifestyle Mistakes

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on January 17th, 2024, Published on January 10th, 2021

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This article reviews the possible use of HGH to increase baby boomer vitality.


Baby Boomers Suffer from Premature Aging and Hormone-Related Issues at an Alarming Rate

baby boomers still living the life - using HGH

More people are aging into their Golden Years today than at any point in American history.

This is directly the result of World War 2. After the war, there was a huge population boom directly resulting from our soldiers returning home, leading to a generation of significantly increased birth rates.

Children born during this era, known as Baby Boomers, are now growing older, and are increasingly threatened by issues related to aging and premature aging. Human Growth Hormone HRT may have a role to play in this disastrous development.

Gen Xers Increasingly Susceptible to Premature Aging

There are so many issues related to aging that impact these men and women, and increasingly, those of Generation X, including cognitive decline, graying hair, deep wrinkles, joint stiffness and aching, seemingly uncontrollable changes in BMI, and more.

Sadly, too many people resign themselves to some of the worst issues related to aging, without realizing that there are steps that they can take to stave off premature aging and improve quality of life.

Your Choices Affect the Aging Process

Years or decades of sedentary habits and inferior diets have caused millions of bad diet, lifestyle choices causes premature agingmen and women to suffer needlessly, and age more quickly, than necessary. Even then, Hormone Imbalance can still suppress vitality.

Luckily, there are steps that you can take to improve your health and your long-term wellness. One option on the table is HGH restoration.


HGH Deficiency Accelerates Issues Associated with Aging

You may not realize it, but Hormone Deficiency plays a significant role in how and why we age. Human Growth Hormone is the primary agent of cellular metabolism and helps the body operate at peak functional capacity. One insidious side effect of aging is that Human Growth Hormone levels enter a state of ongoing depletion, beginning at about age thirty and continuing for the rest of your life, at least without intervention.

HGH Levels Directly Related to Exercise, Diet, and Lifestyle

It's important to realize that Human Growth Hormone levels, in spite of this, are still strongly correlated with your lifestyle decisions. People that don't get enough exercise or eat poorly are more likely to experience issues with HGH Deficiency and are also more likely to have suppressed HGH levels as compared to peers their own age.

Other problems that impair HGH production are smoking, poor sleeping habits, and stress. Many younger individuals can bolster their Growth Hormone production by adopting improved habits.


At Some Point, Good Habits May is not Enough to Keep Hormone Levels Balanced

The older that you get, however, the less effective your personal choices will be at helping you sustain HGH levels that are associated with vitality. Even in those that make the right decisions, age-associated HGH Deficiency can start causing problems as early as the forties. For those that are obese or engage in other activities that suppress HGH levels, issues can appear far earlier.

For reasons that we don't yet understand, endogenous (natural) HGH production falls into a continuing state of decline. It's unclear what benefits to longevity are associated with suppressed HGH levels, but it's clear that HGH Deficiency increases the likelihood of a range of issues which impair vitality and increase mortality risk, including loss of muscle mass, increased body fat, problems healing, increased susceptibility to illness and more.

Men and women across the United States are increasingly turning to physician-prescribed bio-identical Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy to support and sustain their vitality as they grow older.

Understanding Somatopause

The clinical term for the age-related decline in Human Growth Hormone production is known as Somatopause. It's named similarly to Menopause and Andropause because it is an age-related hormonal change that takes place loosely during midlife.

Strictly speaking, Somatopause refers to the period when the Somatotrophs, responsible for producing HGH in the pituitary gland, produce insufficient quantities of the vital hormone, leading to problems strongly associated with aging. Before modern medicine, these issues were long thought to be unavoidable.

HGH Therapy Can Stave Off Effects of Hormone Deficiency and Premature Aging

With bio-identical Human Growth Hormone therapy, it is possible to work against the harmful effects of premature aging and HGH Deficiency to promote vitality and improved health deeper into the lifespan and to help men and women across America feel more like themselves again.

There are a wide variety of treatments, protocols, and therapies designed to promote youthfulness, but HGH therapy has long gotten a bad rap as a result of its historical misuse.

Far too many individuals have their opinions unfairly swayed by the past, leading them to question both the effectiveness and the safety of Human Growth Hormone therapy. When HGH injections are used as a means to restore healthy HGH levels, there is a minimal risk associated with the treatment.

The key to HGH therapy is to enhance Growth Hormone levels to the lower end of normal for a younger adult to promote enhanced physiological functionality without increasing the risks associated with HGH misuse and abuse.

When taken as directed by a qualified medical professional, such as those at Hormone Therapy Clinics across the country, injectable HGH therapy can be a powerful tool in the fight for vitality and wellness.


Time is Essential in the Treatment of HGH Deficiency

Human Growth Hormone therapy can benefit any eligible patient with Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, but the earlier that you get yourself treated, the more significant benefits that you are likely to achieve in the long run. HGH therapy is partially therapeutic, and somewhat preventative, reversing or mitigating some symptoms associated with aging while slowing down the rate at which others appear.

Maximizing the Results of Human Growth Hormone Optimization

To obtain the best results from HGH replacement, injection therapy is only one vital aspect of the treatment.

To achieve maximum benefits with HGH, a healthy diet and exercise routine are essential. Our Hormone Clinic offers a Complete Hormone Regimen that provides not only quality prescription hormones, but also a detailed guide to adjusting your lifestyle to indeed take your results to the next level.

With the help of 21st-Century biotechnology, you'll find it much easier to adopt new and healthier lifestyle patterns.

Hormone Normalization for Longevity

Hormone Optimization is the next phase in wellness and longevity therapies. Modern science has shown us that hormone balance is incredibly important to how our bodies operate, and there are those that see hormone normalization as the next step in long-term life-extension.

The goal of HRT treatments is not to flood the body with abnormally high levels of hormones, as you often see bodybuilders and weightlifters do to seek otherworldly gains but to bring hormone levels back into a state of proper balance that facilitates the appropriate function of the human body.


Comprehensive Hormone Therapy with HGH and Testosterone

Men suffer a one-two punch in the form of Andropause and Somatopause. During the same period during which Human Growth Hormone levels fall into decline, the male body also experiences a similar dearth of Testosterone. Where Human Growth Hormone represents the heart of cellular activity, Testosterone represents the spirit of masculinity and manhood.

Since the turn of the century, it's become an increasingly common practice to combine Testosterone and Growth Hormone therapies as a means to provide Comprehensive Hormone Optimization for men.

For men that are simultaneously in the throes of both forms of deficiency at the same time, the benefits of HGH therapy stack with those of Low-T treatment to provide even more significant benefits to the patient.

There are also strong signs that therapeutic, low-dose Testosterone may be able to help women someday shortly as well.

Men create far more testosterone than women, but women still produce and require Testosterone to function. There are signs that Low Testosterone in women contributes to low libido, osteoporosis, and more. It's likely that someday, in the not-so-distant future, Testosterone therapy may find widespread acceptance for the treatment of feminine Low-T.


How to Find an Anti-Aging Specialist or Hormone Clinic in your Area

With the massive changes in how we understand and treat Hormone Deficiency and aging over the last generation, there are real steps that you can take to safeguard your long-term livelihood with medical science and breakthroughs in nutrition and exercise science.

We represent a licensed and board-certified Hormone Clinic that specializes in treatments that help men and women of at least thirty years of age feel and look their best for as long as possible. If you think that Hormone Deficiency is holding you back, or that Hormone Optimization can help you move your life forward, we can help.

We can set you up with one of our numerous national affiliates located in every state in the country to assess your current hormone state with comprehensive blood testing, which we will use to get to the bottom of your underlying hormone issues.

After we have examined your results, we will work directly with you to set up an HRT regimen designed to bolster your health and help you feel better than you may have felt in ten years or more. All it takes to get started is to give us a call or fill out the form on this very page.

We encourage you to explore our website further to learn more about hormone imbalance and other factors that may be impairing your life. We have Hormones and Wellness Specialists standing by to answer any questions you have about the treatments that we offer and how you can get started. The consultation is absolutely free!


The Use and Abuse of Human Growth Hormone in Sports

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