Why You Need HGH — Six Key Reasons

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on December 23rd, 2023, Published on February 9th, 2021

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6 Reasons Why you Need HGH...

And Why You Need It NOW!

As you've searched around the Internet for the answer to your health or hormone problems, you've probably read about human growth hormone replacement therapy. If you have, you may have even thought about trying the therapy yourself due to the promising claims and hope that its given you in regaining your feeling of youthfulness and vitality.

If you've read up on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in general, and even conducted some deep-diving type of research on it on your own, then maybe you're totally ready to just dive right in -- or may be more confused than ever as to whether you should try growth hormone or even other hormones such as testosterone or sermorelin acetate.

The Debate on the Effectiveness and Safety of HGH Injections

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There is no denying that physicians and endocrinologists divided on the topic of growth hormone therapy for certain uses such as therapeutic anti-aging treatment. Perhaps their concerns are legitimate. For example, some critics of growth hormone therapy think that not enough research has been conducted on it yet and others say that we do not know the long-term effects of HGH injections on adults.

However, there certainly has been research conducted on the use of growth hormone injections for the treatment of age-related growth hormone deficiency and they are even prescribed to children for certain issues, such as ideopathic short stature (approved by the FDA itself). In addition, it could take up to 50 to 100 more years of research before these critics accept therapeutic HGH as a suitable treatment for many patients (these critics will most likely be dead by then anyways so then what?).

This waiting around for acceptable research, that could take a century to do, is precisely what critics said about vitamin supplements 50 years ago.

The issue with this way of thinking is that the people who truly do need growth hormone therapy do not have 50 or 100 years to wait. These patients need the relief of HGH injections and they need them as soon as possible.

Another hot button issue with critics is the cost of human growth hormone treatment. Is it OK that the rich get to enjoy all the amazing anti-aging benefits of HGH, while others are left out due to the high cost?

What we do see though, is many weight lifters, powerlifters, Hollywood stars and professional athletes frantically hopping on the bandwagon of human growth hormone injections. The rewards of HRT for older folks are just too amazing for most to simply just not notice. It's so obvious!

The professionals have experienced and/or read about the success stories and this has led to many people flocking to hormone clinics in droves.

As time goes by, more and more physicians and endocrinologists are changing their minds on growth hormone replacement therapy.

Because the results are obvious to see by many, if not all, and the research has been consistently showing the wide array of benefits, more scientists and people in the medical community are recognizing this. The benefits being reported include improved longevity, cellular regeneration and rejuvenation and life extension benefits.

The key here is that HGH injections are taken within a physician-mediated program, meaning under a physician's care. This ensures the therapy is legal, injections taken correctly and therefore, HGH injections can be considered medically and perfectly safe for patients.

Do you think HGH is what you are looking for? Let's explore the numerous benefits:

  • Rejuvenating Organs: If your organs have been subjected to a poor diet and/or lifestyle for years, or even decades, they’re probably starting to get...well...weary. In all honesty, as you age, the aging process does not make your organs more efficient. As most people know, the opposite is true, and most of our organs start to wear out and run less and less efficiently as time goes on. The process is especially sped up if you eat a poor diet, do not exercise and live a poor lifestyle in general. Toxins, such as alcohol, drugs (prescription or non-prescription), processed foods and other environmental toxins will not be filtered out as well in your older years as compared to the younger years. Other organs such as the heart, lungs and intestines will also fall victim to the worn down effect. However, HGH therapy can revitalize and rejuvenate these organs by helping them to create new and more efficient cells more rapidly – increased cell turnover. Even if this was all that HGH therapy did for you, it would still be worth every dollar!
  • Stronger Bones: In addition to organ rejuvenation, HGH therapy will help improve the strength of your bones and banish the idea of osteoporosis ever entering your life as you age. In fact, you may not have known this, but growth hormone actually plays a huge role in regulating bone growth. Because growth hormone production decreases as we age, moreso for some individuals than others, any bone loss is not recovered due to the lack of growth hormone. Thus, bone mass is lost and the bones are more susceptible to breakage or damage from something like a simple fall or trip that otherwise would be no big deal. Ensuring adequate levels of growth hormone as you age will literally keep your bones intact.
  • Youthful-Looking Skin: The health of your skin is incredibly important to the general health of your body, being the biggest organ of your body as well as its first line of defense against disease or infection. Wrinkles are an obvious sign of aging but have you ever wondered why some people get more than others? It all comes down to hormones. Another factor that comes into play is chronic dehydration. Many Americans are not drinking enough water to support the health of their skin or their hormone system in general. All of our cells need water in order to function properly. HGH therapy can help to reduce or even reverse wrinkles as well as hydrate your skin for a more youthful glow. Because growth hormone is a hormone that literally grows or builds tissues in our bodies, it can give you thicker skin, not thin, dry or wrinkled skin. Yuck! A person’s skin is what really shows your age. Look younger with HGH therapy!
  • Muscular growth -- Growth Hormone plays a considerable role in increasing the levels of Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1), which is an essential component of muscle growth. As we age, our body's ability to produce Growth Hormone decreases as much as 25% per decade, and we also suffer reduced IGF-1 production. Think about this: by the time you hit 60, you may be operating at 75% reduced capacity than you were in your youth! If HGH levels could remain where they were when you were in your late teens and early twenties, you would be far more muscular. The good news: with HGH treatment, you can regain what has been lost.
  • Weight-Control -- Young folks seem to have an almost magical ability to eat what they want when they want...and not gain weight. But there's nothing magical about it. Their bodies are flooded with Growth Hormone -- that's the secret. Growth Hormone blasts your metabolism into the stratosphere, which results in increased muscle growth. Also, Growth Hormone stops the body from accumulating ugly fat cells and stabilizes your blood sugar levels. HGH can even take the fat cells that are still left and convert them into energy powerhouses.
  • Increased libido -- As with everything that has been mentioned earlier, sexual drive and performance decrease with age. Who can forget the intense, maddening, and exhilarating passion of your late teens and early twenties? As with so many symptoms of aging, there is a direct correlation between Growth Hormone levels and sexual drive and ability. The less Growth Hormone, the less sexual drive and ability to perform. It is, of course, possible to exist like this. But who in their right mind would want to? Especially since there is something you can do about it.

You may be convinced that HGH is the answer, but you have heard that the treatments are expensive. Don't let price stand in your way.

We offer several financing options that will make our treatments available to anyone. The cost of not receiving the benefits of HGH treatment is higher than anything we charge...far, far higher.

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So, the choice is yours. You can sit by passively as the years roll by, and aging's afflictions take their terrible toll.

Or you can act and do something about it. Call us today and take the all-important first step in regaining your precious youth and health.


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