Starting Your HGH Therapy Program

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Published on December 21st, 2018

Starting Your HGH Therapy Program
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If you've come to this website, then you've made the first step to starting a quality Hormone Replacement Therapy program with HGH, or Human Growth Hormone.

There's no sense stalling or just dreaming about Hormone Restoration when our licensed HRT Clinic has made it so easy to get quality care at an affordable price explicitly designed to meet your needs.

We're here to help you take action against Hormone Imbalance and Deficiency so that you can boost your wellness to the next level.

Now that you're here let's clear the air a bit regarding what your HGH therapy experience will be like! A lot of people think that Hormone Optimization is a complicated process, but it's straightforward to find a doctor, be evaluated, and get treatment.

We've streamlined the Diagnostic and Treatment Processes for HRT therapy to save you the hassle and get you on your way to a new life!

It's both our dream and our reality to help men and women just like you improve their health and vitality through miraculous Hormone Restoration.

Recombinant Human Growth Hormone for injection is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal.

To miraculously improve your health, there are a few simple steps you will need to take.

These seven easy steps are outlined below. If you have any further questions regarding HGH replacement therapy, please do not hesitate to call the number at the top of our website or email us through the contact form.

What Do I Need to Do Get Started with HGH?

Step One — HGH Phone Consultation

There are two ways to reach us to get your free consultation. There is a phone number at the top of the page that you can call to contact us directly, and we also have a contact form on this page that you can use to arrange a specific time to speak with one of our HGH Specialists.

During your free consultation, we'll go over all your options and all that we have to offer you as a patient.

Step Two — Medical History

If you are still interested, we will send you a medical history form for you to fill out.

This self-report medical assessment lets our doctors know what health issues that you have been experiencing and what medical problems that you have had in the past.

This form is delivered by email and can be returned by email, fax or via the postal service.

Step Three — Medical Appointment for HGH Therapy

After your medical form has reached our offices, we will charge your debit or credit card for your HRT appointment. We have Anti-Aging Specialists located all across the United States, and we will make an appointment with a doctor in your local area.

There's no need to make a long drive to establish your treatment. There are two crucial aspects to your appointment.

First, you will be given a physical exam, where our doctor will evaluate your current health with his or her own eyes and instruments.

The second aspect of your appointment is a blood test. Your doctor will take a simple blood sample which will reveal the complex characteristics of your Hormone Balance, including IGF-1 levels and several other factors associated with your overall health.

IGF-1 stands for Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 and is the most accurate test to determine your natural HGH production. After this, we have all we need from your appointment, and you can be on your way!

Step Four — Comprehensive Hormone Panel

Your blood sample will be delivered to LabCorp for accurate processing. It will be shipped securely via FedEx and will arrive at its destination within 24 hours.

At LabCorp, your test will undergo what is known as a Comprehensive Hormone Panel, a complex and multifaceted set of criteria designed to thoroughly evaluate not only your hormone needs but anything else that can be done to boost and enhance your wellness and vitality.

These tests will take around a week to be completed, and the results will be sent directly back to our HGH Clinic.

Our Anti-Aging Physicians will analyze these results and interpret them into an ideal course of action to meet your needs as a patient.

Step Five — Setting Up a Personalized HRT Program with HGH

Of course, even with the most experienced Hormone Doctors, no treatment regimen is complete without your input.

We offer a variety of plans which serve to fit our patient's needs, but we also understand that each patient has their own goals in mind concerning their treatment as well as their budgetary concerns.

Your appointed HRT Physician will contact you to discuss the results of your blood test and what our Anti-Aging Clinic feels can be done to improve your Hormone Balance and make your life better and healthier.

There's no coldly calculated cookie-cutter plan -- your regimen will be ideally suited to your needs and concerns.

After you've signed off on the treatment that works for you, we'll get in touch with a specialized compounding pharmacy that focuses on the hormone treatments that we provide.

Your recombinant hormone prescription, along with any other HRT products and health supplements that you've ordered, will be shipped directly to your selected address!

Step Six — Starting Your Hormone Optimization Regimen!

Now that you've received everything that you'll need to get started, you'll have another phone consultation with your HRT Specialist.

He or she will explain your treatment again in detail and give you all of the information that you need to start a safe and effective Hormone Injection Program.

You'll be taught in depth how to administer a subcutaneous injection of Human Growth Hormone so that you can adeptly perform the shots. We also have hormone injection demonstration videos and documents available to provide you with further instructions.

After that, you have everything that you need to continue your HGH Therapy Program with total privacy.

If you have any issues with your treatment, our Hormone Physicians and Specialists are standing by to assist you, but in all likelihood, you won't require further consultation until your follow-up appointment.

Step Seven — Documenting Your HGH Journey

Beginning with your first dose of HGH, you'll be strongly urged to keep a hormone therapy diary to both keep track of the health benefits of your HRT treatment as well as track your progress.

We use this data to compare you to the thousands of other patients that have undergone your same journey, so we can understand what's working and what can be done to streamline and maximize the results of your treatment.

This is very important, because it helps us gauge how well the HGH therapy is working, and if any tune-ups will be necessary during your follow-up.

Are You Ready to Set Sail with HGH?

There you have it. Human Growth Hormone therapy is a revolutionary means to establish renewed vitality through Hormone Optimization.

Most patients experience significant, global gains throughout a six-month treatment regimen.

Feel free to explore our site further for more information regarding Hormone Optimization and Replacement.

We offer a host of programs designed to revitalize your life and normalize your hormone levels, such as Testosterone boosting therapy and Sermorelin Acetate therapy.

We also provide weight-loss assistance via the HCG Diet. Don't fall for HGH scams like Human Growth Hormone sprays and oral supplements.

Only trust a reputable HRT provider that is licensed and board-certified to practice medicine.


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