Ten HGH Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on December 25th, 2023, Published on January 29th, 2021

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Most folks are aware of Human Growth Hormone on some level. Unfortunately, most people know very little about HGH.

They usually know that it helps kids grow and that it's been used by Pro Athletes for Performance Enhancement, for example.

But what else is there to know about Human Growth Hormone? The following are some common questions that men and women have about HGH:

What Is Human Growth Hormone?

HGH is a complex hormone secreted by the human pituitary, which is responsible for encouraging Cellular Metabolism. It promotes physiological growth during childhood and adolescent development and sustains physiological function and performance during adulthood. Healthy HGH Levels are associated with energy, vitality, and youthfulness.

How Can I Increase HGH Levels?

Healthy Growth Hormone Levels have a highly protective effect on health and wellness. Healthy eating and an active lifestyle are known to promote normalized HGH Production.

Most HGH is secreted during sleep, so restful sleep is essential to optimal Growth Hormone Levels.

Also, excessive drinking and smoking suppress Growth Hormone Levels in the body, as well as obesity. Intermittent Fasting and High-Intensity Interval Training are recognized as exceptional means to significantly bolster natural HGH Production.

Later in life, past age thirty, Baseline HGH Levels fall continuously in correlation with age. This decline is natural but detrimental. If Growth Hormone Levels fall too low, this leads to a variety of wellness issues related to impaired cellular metabolism.

Luckily, Bio-Identical HGH Injections can restore Normal Growth Hormone Levels associated with early adulthood, mitigating these symptoms to promote increased vitality. Other methods are also useful, such as Sermorelin Acetate, which increases the physiological production of Growth Hormone by the pituitary.

What Are the Symptoms of Growth Hormone Deficiency?

Most symptoms of HGH Deficiency lead to issues related to premature aging.

If you've been noticing symptoms such as lack of energy, reduced aerobic capacity, loss of strength, mild memory issues, increased body fat deposits, deep wrinkles, and thinning hair, these are all signs that you should get checked out, especially if your efforts to naturally improve your wellness prove ineffective.

What Are the Benefits of Human Growth Hormone?

For patients struggling with Somatopause and HGH Deficiency, Human Growth Hormone Therapy can provide powerful results for patients.

Throughout a six-month HGH Injection Regimen, you can expect a variety of benefits, including improved body composition, enhanced muscle mass, increased energy, stronger bones, increased mental acuity, and memory, heightened libido, healthier skin, stronger nails, increased immune resiliency, and more.

While not every patient experiences the full gamut of benefits, most report a significantly improved quality of life due to treatment.

What Is the Risk of Side-Effects Associated With HGH Therapy?

While it's true that all medical treatments come with a risk of at least some side-effects, these issues can be mitigated by responsible treatment.

Abuse is marked by problems such as carpal tunnel, joint pain, swelling, and high cholesterol. Generally, when used as directed for the treatment of legitimate HGH Deficiency, side-effects include irritation at the injection site, a slight increase in glucose levels, and mild edema. Adjusting the dosage can often relieve these symptoms.

What Is the Best Form of HGH Treatment?

If you're interested in boosting HGH Levels, it's best to work with a professional that offers Bio-Identical Growth Hormone Therapy or an HGH Secretagogue such as Sermorelin, which is proven effective for Growth Hormone Restoration.

Growth Hormone Boosters, HGH Sprays, and other Over the Counter treatments which claim to enhance Growth Hormone Levels should be avoided because these supplements don't provide consistent benefits and can even be harmful to the liver and lead to other side-effects.

What Are the Types of Growth Hormone Injection?

HGH is almost always delivered Subcutaneously, just like an Insulin Shot. Sermorelin Acetate is injected in the exact same way. There are a variety of different systems to inject Human Growth Hormone, however. The most common means of injection are single-use syringes that draw from a vial of reconstituted HGH.

There are also tools like HGH Pens, which simplify the process. These pens often contain cartridges of Growth Hormone, which make them easier to use. State-of-the-Art HGH Pens can even inject without a needle!

What Is the Correct HGH Dosage?

The correct Growth Hormone Dosage will depend on your individual patient profile. Because of the risks and dangers linked with HGH Overdose and Abuse, it's essential to hit the sweet spot, which restores daily Growth Hormone Levels to the normal range for a healthy adult.

This dosage will depend heavily on the severity of your Hypopituitarism. Never use HGH without a prescription, and always have Growth Hormone use regularly monitored by a professional to reduce the risk of side-effects.

For patients 30-60, the recommended HGH Dosage generally ranges between 0.2-0.3 milligrams per day, whereas older patients are typically prescribed 0.1-0.2 milligrams per day due to changes in sensitivity to the treatment.

Is Human Growth Hormone Safe to Take with Testosterone?

Many men struggle with Somatopause and Low-T simultaneously. While treating one form of deficiency will provide significant benefit, HGH Treatments will not fully repair the effects of Testosterone Deficiency. Growth Hormone and Testosterone are safe and effective when used together and are commonly prescribed in Comprehensive HRT Regimens.

How Can I Find a Hormone Clinic that Offers HGH Injections?

It's essential to recognize that Growth Hormone Therapy can only be offered safely with the endorsement of a qualified physician.

If you're interested in HGH, many wellness clinics offer Growth Hormone Treatments as well as a variety of other options that encourage hormone balance and improved vitality, such as Testosterone Therapy, Thyroid Treatments, and more.

It is critical to work with a Licensed and Board Certified Hormone Provider that offers thorough Hormone Therapy Services. Our American HRT Clinic is proud to offer Hormone Deficiency Diagnosis and Treatment, including HGH Injection Therapy.

We work with LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics to get to the root of your health issues and to determine if HGH, Sermorelin, or any other Prescription Hormone Option is right for you!


Effects of Human Growth Hormone in Men over 60 Years Old

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