Beware the HGH Ripoff Artists

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on March 31st, 2024, Published on September 27th, 2021

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HGH deficiency is confirmed. The people who have it suffer, sometimes terribly. If they are children, they fail to develop normally.

If they are adults, they can suffer weakness, loss of libido, inability to perform sexually, and terrible fatigue that never seems to end.

HGH and related hormone therapies, provided by legitimate medical clinics with board-certified doctors and with genuine hormone replacement medicines, can give great relief to such sufferers – can literally give them their lives back.

Unfortunately, You Need to Be on the Lookout for Scammers

But on the heels of such great success stories – many of them chronicled right here on this site – there are scammers who seek to profit off other people’s suffering, offering “shortcuts” at cut-rate prices that simply don’t work. They tell us that we can “skip the doctor.” They tell us that we don’t need to visit a medical clinic.

They often target people entering middle age or older, and athletes, making outlandish claims of instant potency and unbelievable strength for anyone who sends money. They tell us that some pills or creams of unknown origin can do just as well as legitimate hormone therapy medicines.

Or they tell us that they can get us “the real thing” under the counter from foreign or “off the books” suppliers. This really means that you don’t even know what you are getting – you don’t even know what they propose putting in your body. This is not only stupid; it is dangerous as well.

And you have zero recourse if these unknown compounds harm you. They claim these are genuine medicines.) They make promises that sound too good to be true – and they are too good to be true. Simply put, their claims are often plain, flat-out lies.

If an HGH salesman tells you he’ll sell you his product without you going to a clinic and getting tested, he’s a scammer out to take your money and doesn’t care about your health.

The fake products he sells are often claimed to be “HGH boosters,” or “HGH releasing compound,” or other equally meaningless terms.

A few claim that their supplements contain HGH, which is very unlikely since keeping actual HGH out of their products helps them stay out of jail (since it’s a regulated substance). There is zero evidence that any of these nostrums work.

HGH Creams, Powders, Sprays, and Pills are NOT Legitimate

In some cases, the scammers don’t even know what’s in their powders, creams, or pills – they just get whatever is the cheapest that looks like the real thing. They often deal with shady suppliers who evade the law and conceal their identities.

Some of these scammers pile one ripoff on top of another by setting up “affiliate” (multi-level) marketing to sell their wares, roping in others to sell their worthless products on commission, and recruiting others to do the same.

This can put multiple levels of salesmen between you and the person who stole your money, whose name you might never discover.

The person you dealt with might have been just some housewife or truck driver in a nearby town who was promised he could retire in a year by setting up an HGH sales page.

“But,” you may say, “I saw so many glowing reviews of Product X online; it must be good.” You might not know that these scammers can use part of their ill-gotten money to buy fake reviews – even on legitimate sites. Beware!

How to Tell Whether You’re Getting Real HGH or Not

Here’s how to tell if an HGH provider is legitimate:

1. The provider must send you to a legitimate blood-testing lab and have your hormone levels checked to determine the health of your endocrine system and determine what you need – and don’t need – when it comes to hormone therapy.

2. The provider must be a legitimate medical clinic employing board-certified physicians who can prescribe medicines.

3. The provider must deal only with legally prescribed medicines. Non-prescription HGH or “boosters” or “releasers” are, by nature, scams, and rip-offs.

4. The provider must examine and interview you personally, discussing your medical history to determine the best course for you to follow for optimum health benefits, and then prescribe the medicine you need.

So, you see, it’s pretty simple. If a provider doesn’t pass that simple four-point test, he’s not legitimate. Stay away at all costs. Stealing your money is bad enough, but such scammers can also essentially steal years of healthy life from you. That is far too high a price to pay.

We are a legitimate hormone replacement clinic staffed with physicians with decades of experience in delivering hormone replacement effectively and safely. Contact us for a FREE, no-obligation discussion about the many benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

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