Hormone Effects:: My Mind Is Racing and I Feel Like I’m Going Crazy – Could Hormones Be the Cause?

Written by Dr. Jonathan Peterson, Updated on January 31st, 2024, Published on August 3rd, 2021

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hormone effectsDid you ever feel like you’re losing control over your own thoughts? Was your mind racing? Were you obsessing inappropriately on one thing? Or was your mind jumping from idea to idea and subject to subject, with no sensible connection between them? Has anyone ever told you that what you’ve been saying makes no sense at all? If so, you may have been experiencing serious brain fog or other neurological dysfunction – and you should definitely seek the help of a physician as soon as possible. And, yes, to answer the question posed in the title of this article, your hormone levels could definitely be a cause, though you shouldn’t assume so until your doctor has examined you and run some tests. And hormone levels, and hormone effects, thankfully, are something that modern medical science can measure easily, and, if they are not right, your doctor can quickly set you on the right path to recovery.

Do you remember what it was like years ago, before the problem started? When you had no brain fog? When your mind never raced or obsessed? When the answers to questions seemed clear, and problems got solved fast? When you had loads of energy; when you felt great, “on top of the world”? When problem-solving, work, exercise, and a little loving on the side were easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy? Of course you do. And you, and everyone else who feels mentally and physically lagging, wants to get back to that place.

Hormone Imbalance Causes Miscommunication All Across the Body

If your hormone levels are out of balance, neither your brain nor your other organs and tissues can function correctly. Everything will feel “off” – and will in fact be off.

Hormones are chemical messengers that are secreted by our glands, and their purpose is to enter the bloodstream and cause our organs and tissues to react in the right ways and at the right times that are optimal for our health, strength, vitality, and, yes, proper mental functioning. And the secretion of these hormones by the glands is controlled by the brain. In turn, the organs and tissues themselves use hormones to send signals to the brain, providing information on how various bodily processes are currently functioning. The communication goes both ways. Inside the brain there are neurohormones that directly affect how our neurons (brain cells) work. Those neurohormones are controlled by bodily hormones flowing to and from the body’s other organs and tissues. The whole system is a complex feedback loop. If it’s in balance, everything works as it should and we are at the height of our powers, and usually feel a tremendous sense of well-being. If it’s out of balance, many bodily processes deteriorate, including brain functions, and our feelings tell us something’s not right.

Our bodies produce several hundred hormones, but the seven listed below have the most powerful effect on our brains and our mental health: testosterone (sexual function, mood, motivation, libido, strength); DHEA (handling stress); cortisol (also handling stress); thyroid (overall control of energy levels); estrogen (mood); and progesterone (anti-anxiety).

Depression, Anxiety and Psychosis More Likely to Develop with Hormone Imbalance

Not only will you feel “off” and lose your normal sense of well-being when you have a hormone imbalance, but you become more prone to psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, and psychosis. The way you feel changes, and so does the way you think.

Many psychologists and psychiatrists were not trained to check a patient’s hormone levels in such cases – but, for some people, doing so just might reveal the real cause of the problem. When hormones are the cause of mental dysfunction, the psychoactive pharmaceuticals often prescribed simply won’t work, because the underlying hormonal imbalance won’t be affected – and in fact just might get worse. That’s why testing is so important. You need to know the root cause! And our clinic is expert in doing just that.

Common Causes of Hormonal Imbalance

How do hormonal imbalances that affect your mind get started in the first place? How to hormone effects negative your wellness ? If you eat a bad diet, with lots of processed meat or other chemical-laced unnatural foods, including junk foods with empty calories, that can upset your natural hormonal balance. If you’ve been undergoing continual and considerable stress, that can do it too. Some, though not all, elderly people find their hormone balance slipping out of the normal range as they age. (And old age makes you more susceptible to the other factors mentioned here.) Living in a polluted environment, with bad water (and municipal water and well water can both have problems) or bad air, can upset hormone levels. An excessively sedentary lifestyle (sitting most of the time) can be a factor, as can the extremely and abnormally intense physical activity that might be engaged in by bodybuilders or certain types of athletes.

Want to get rid of brain fog? Want to feel alert, bright, and vibrant as you once did? Want to negative hormone effects on wellness ? See your doctor, or go to one of our clinics in cities across the US, and get your hormone levels checked. It’s step one to getting your life back.

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